The country of the victorious Maidan once again came up with how to defeat Russia. According to the Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan, it is very simple. It is enough just to stop the railway communication with Moscow. However, the idea of the minister did not taste to all Ukrainians and caused a wave of indignation. Some experts, have conducted a simple analysis, and came to a disappointing conclusion . As it turned out, the closure of the border with Russia will finally destroy the economy of Ukraine.
Just one phrase about the fact that the Kiev government, “is going to close the railway communication”, dropped by Omelyan, literally blew up the Ukrainian community. The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Radical Party Igor Mosiychuk, who was not even noticed in the special love of Russia, spoke very sharply about this. “If this happens, the Ukrainian economy will finally collapse,” he considered.
Another politician – ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Oleinik, was harsh, saying that the consequences of such a decision would be catastrophic. “It seems that the cabinet wants to liquidate Ukraine as a state,” he suggested.
The main critics of the “Omelyan plan” agreed on the opinion that the politician is going to achieve success among electorate ahead the presidential elections and to serve before the West, showing the support of sanctions against Russia even to the detriment of Ukraine itself.
What kind of hell is it, it’s easy to guess. The railway is the most important communication for the delivery of goods to Ukraine. Therefore, according to Oleynik, “losses will be in billions”.
“Kiev-Moscow” train was recognized as the most profitable by the administration of the railway transport of Ukraine in 2017. It brought to the country profits of $ 6 million.
Focusing on the losses, everyone somehow forgot about the numerous Ukrainian guest workers. But in fact, according to the most conservative estimates there are at least half a million Ukrainians on temporary earnings in Russia. The Kiev servants do not think about the way home for their people in case of closing the borders. Apparently, they relied on Ukrainian ingenuity. If you want to come back, you will think over about the way back home.
Although staying in Russia for Ukrainian shift workers is not the worst thing. In the “aggressor country” they, at least, will always be provided with work. It is much more frightening that after the closure of the railway communication with Russia millions of Ukrainians in Ukraine will remain without a piece of bread. And these will lead to the “social explosion”. “They (the unemployed) will come to Omelyan himself, as well as to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the head of the Cabinet Vladimir Groisman. They will come, demanding work. But there is no work, “Vladimir Oleinik summed up.
It turns out that, contrary to the official Kiev policy of Russophobia, Russia still remains Ukraine’s main trading partner. And a lot depends on trade with Russia, including the preservation of hundreds of thousands working places. Recognition of this fact by a number of Ukrainian deputies shows that the socio-economic and internal political situation in Ukraine has worsened much.

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