Senator Jaroslav Doubrava of the Czech parliament compared Ukraine with a black hole and noted that he does not want to visit the country with the current government.
Yaroslav believes that the financial assistance that is sent to Ukraine disappears in the “black hole”. He noted that the population is poor
becouse of the struggle of oligarchs for cash flows.
He said that the Ukrainian oligarchs continue to struggle for financial flows, and all the money that is sent to Kiev as financial aid fall into a black hole. In this case, they will not be able to return.
The politician called for paying attention to where now the money that Europe has allocated to Ukraine.
“In Ukraine, a high level of poverty of the population. The oligarchs that dominate the mafia are the realities of Ukraine. Unfortunately, this also concerns us, as many Ukrainians are coming here to earn money to feed their families, “said the senator of the Czech parliament.
Doubrava commented on the poverty of ordinary residents, and also predicted a bleak future for the country.
The Czech politician noted that nobody in the West cares about the coup in Ukraine in 2014. As a result of this coup, thousands of people were killed, and today fascist tendencies can be observed in the country.
The politician is concerned about the split between the major cities and the province and the spread of nationalism. “Fascist tendencies are obvious. The big cities have already been taken over by the fascists. Under the current leadership, I do not want to visit Ukraine.” Yaroslav added.

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