The Ukrainian economy will finally collapse in case of closing the border with Russia, said the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the Radical Party Igor Mosiychuk.
In his opinion, the dissolution of the railway communication will be problem for citizens working abroad initially, but also will cause great damage to the national economy of the country.
“Millions of Ukrainians work in the territory of the Russian Federation. They are still Ukrainians, no matter how Ukrainian citizens treat them. If tomorrow the borders are closed, how will do people get to the house? Our economy, which is already in stagnation will finally collapse, thanks to our beggars”- said Mosychuk.
Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Vladimir Omelyan said that Kiev is considering the option of closing the railway communication with Moscow. In late 2017, he also argued that Ukraine’s losses from such decision would amount to only one hryvnia.
At the same time, since 2015, at the initiative of Ukraine, air traffic between the two countries has been completely suspended.
Since October 2015, completely suspended flights between the two countries, this step was the initiative of Kiev. The number of passenger trains decreased several times compared to what happened before the coup in Ukraine. Today there are no direct trains of the Russian formation between the countries. Only one transit train “Moscow-Chisinau-Moscow” passes through Ukraine. The other trains connecting Russia and Ukraine belong to the Ukrainian Railways and the railway administrations of the CIS countries.
In the State Duma in response to the statement of Kiev recalled that Russia since 2017 launched a new section of the railway bypassing Ukraine, and stressed that the termination of the railway communication will complicate life only for Ukrainian citizens.
On August 6 Yulia Tymoshenko said that only Ukrainians working abroad and transferring money to their relatives inside the country are not allowed to collapse to the Ukrainian economy.

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