Desperate to wait for changes at home, the Ukrainians began to move massively to permanent residence in Eastern Europe. The situation becomes critical. Because of labor migration in Ukraine, the price growth can accelerate and economic development slow down.
The mass exodus of Ukrainians from Ukraine is not a new phenomenon. Residents of the country have been running for many years from the time of «victorious» Maidan. They run without looking back. They know that life in their country will not be better. But worse – easily. Acute analytical thinking is not required to understand this. It’s enough to go out, visit the store and listen to local news once. Inadequate price increases, devastation and unemployment are starkly contrasted with the well-fed, shiny faces of politicians broadcasting from the TV screens that Ukraine is “almost Europe”, “almost NATO”, “almost the best place on Earth”. But in fact, there is a war in the country, large-scale production closes down, and the level of crime grows. The state, drowning in Russophobia and hatred of all the dissidents, completely forgot about its own citizens. Now you can be beaten up for criticism the authorities and for the criticism of the Maidan and all its “achievements”, you can even be killed.
How to live in such a country is not clear to everyone. There is only one right decision – “to go away from the country.” According to various opinion polls there are from 25 to 30 percent people in Ukraine who want to leave the country. And this figure is growing. Not everyone can escape abroad. But they dream about the first opportunity to collect things, get on a train (airplane) and rush off forever.
By the way, for the average Ukrainian it does not matter where to run. To Poland, or to a hated Russia, even at the North Pole. If only there is work and a roof over the head. Although those who still had the good fortune to leave the country, have already created an irresistible problem for their former homeland. Entrepreneurs across Ukraine note an acute shortage of qualified personnel, which is connected with the departure of Ukrainians to Poland and other countries. The inflation report, of the National Bank of Ukraine informed: “One of the main risks of the baseline scenario is the continuation of the outflow of labor from Ukraine.This will create the further increase in the disparities between supply and demand in the labor market. ”
According to the National Bank, it is impossible to increase production rates at the moment due to labor migration. Most of all problems in the sphere of construction, industry, agriculture and transport. At the same time, the data of the regional employment services of Poland state that almost 50 percent of Ukrainian migrants have applied for jobs in these areas.
In addition, labor migration leads to the fact that many Ukrainians remain without a pension, settling in Poland for low-skilled jobs. This issue is of little concern for those who were able to escape. For them, a normal, well-fed life in a foreign country is more important than a hungry one at home. Most of them have long ceased to await changes in their country. You can not wait for things that will never happen.

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