Alexander Usik criticized the authorities of Ukraine, call them to put an end to the war in the Donbass region and raise pensions.
The sportsman answered to media statements and claims of scandalously famous Ukrainian writer Larisa Nitsoy. She called Usik a “coward” because of the refusal to criticize Russia and shout the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!” . Alexander invited everybody who was dissatisfied to fight with him one-on-one during the final fight of the World Boxing Super Series (WBSS) in the first heavyweight championship in Moscow.
Also, he advised compatriots to be conscious in their viewpoint and statements and not watch TV.
Alexander also said that he would shout “Glory to Ukraine!” around the clock if the authorities returned the peace to his country and raised pensions.
Usik publicly criticized the authorities of Ukraine, call them to to put an end to the war in the Donbass region and raise pensions. He also hinted that it was necessary to do business, and not to shout slogans
The war in the Donbass today is the biggest problem in opinion of the majority of Ukrainians. The high prices for goods and services, utility tariffs and corruption, concern citizens of Ukraine much more than the pension issue.
Recall that the athlete publicly refused the title of Hero of Ukraine.
“Do not give me anything, just do not stop me from going on my way. Do not interrupt me- this is the best thing you can do, “said Usik. He also noted that he was a hero for his people, and he did not need stars and regalia.
Note that Alexander Usik was born in the Crimea and repeatedly responded sharply to the provocative questions of journalists about the state affiliation of the peninsula.
Politicians with constant claims make the athlete a real political figure. The more he is criticized, the more he makes statements in response that he finds support from many people. There is no doubt that this policy is close to many in Ukraine, but it is not easy to express it openly.

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