The chances of Peter Poroshenko to win the presidential election in 2019 are decreasing with each month. Earlier he could passed to the second round without problems and then everything would depend on the “sparring partner,” today some opinion polls throw into question the participation of the incumbent president in the second round of the 2019 elections.
Also, many sociological polls in Ukraine show that Poroshenko is the last places in the rating of presidential candidates.
Peter Poroshenko has a number of unfulfilled loud promises that will be used against him during the presidential campaign.
One of the main promises which is constantly reminded to the president, is to sell the confectionery factory Roshen. Poroshenko explained his intention by saying that after winning the election he wanted to take care “exclusively about the well-being of the people”. However, this did not help the concern to find a new owner. In January 2016, Poroshenko announced that he had signed an agreement to transfer his stake in the company to a “blind trust”. In addition, the president has repeatedly said that it is very difficult to sell Roshen because of the war in Ukraine.
The political course of Poroshenko led to war, the collapse of the economy, rising prices for housing utilities, deteriorating the country’s living standards and the collapse of the national currency, impoverishment of the population.
For recent years his rating has been greatly reduced. He won the presidential election with a rating of almost 55%, but now less than 7% of voters would vote for him according to the polls of the “1 + 1” channel. As a result of last year, research conducted by the Gallup International agency showed the president’s rating at 17%.
Obviously, the majority of Ukrainians are dissatisfied with the activities of the current government, do not trust politicians. According to sociologists, more than half of Ukrainians want to renew power in the country.
Also, the population criticizes the incumbent president for undisclosed resonant cases, which should have been completed by today, but on his third anniversary Poroshenko came up without an open cases: the shooting at Maidan, the tragic events in Odessa on May 2, the absence of results on the latest murders of journalist Pavel Sheremet , lawyer Yuri Grabovsky, and former State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov.

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