Pensioners in Ukraine are odd, so the authorities arranged for them the pension and medical reforms, in order to kill them faster. The analyst, publicist Roman Vasilishin told about it on air of the program “the right to vote”. According to him, the government also do everything possible to ensure young people to leave for another country. For this purpose they use war, need, the lack of prospects.
“The task of the funded pension reform is to steal money from people and leave our elderly without means of livelihood,” the analyst said. Millions of pensioners will suffer from this reform. This is the way to «clean» the territory of Ukraine. This collapse with non-payment of pensions to Ukrainians is artificially provoked. Who prevents the authorities to print money?! This is an artificial process, which is specially provoked, ” R. Vasilishin stressed.
The publicist added that the person all life allocates the money from salary to the accumulative pension Fund, but he can’t control this pension Fund which is controlled by swindlers.
Let’s have a look at the events that are going on now. The pension Fund of Ukraine is not able to pay pensions. The Fund refers to the lack of funding from the Cabinet, which had previously assured citizens of the ability to fulfill social obligations to the population. Pensioners rang the alarm the alarm when they did not receive money transfers through Ukrposhta. Payments had to be made from 18 July.
Recently, we all could see queues of elderly people at the post offices. The delay of pensions in July lasted for several days. According to the Pension Fund, late payments caused a shift in the schedule of payments of the single social contribution. The press service of the Ukrainian national postal operator referred to”temporary technical delays in financing of pensions by the Pension Fund of Ukraine”.
As it soon became clear, the problems are not technical and lie in the budgetary sphere: the government has determined other priorities of financial flows. Pension Fund of Ukraine has become empty.
This state of affairs in Ukraine continues from year to year. The situation should be corrected by the “pension reform”, which is introduced by the government. The principle, when the working population contains pensioners, according to which payments are still counted, has lost its effectiveness in proportion to the fall in the birth rate. Therefore, the government has changed the rules for the recalculation of pensions and tightened the requirements for contributors. Here is the insurance experience, and the gradual increase in the retirement age to 63 years for women and 65 for men. According to economists, such measures can actually gradually eliminate the deficit of the Pension Fund. However, it will take at least 10 years.
According to the Institute of demography and social research, Ukrainian women live more than men for ten years. The average life expectancy for males is 66.4 years, for females 76.3 years. If you apply simple arithmetic and take the minimum length of service to retire at 65 years, it turns out that the average man will receive only two years of pension. The rest of the money he accumulated for his working life will remain with the state.

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