In 2015, without the consent of the legitimate government of Bashar Assad and without the sanctions of the UN Security Council, the first American soldiers invaded Syria. Like criminals who have penetrated into someone else’s apartment and refuse to leave it, the Americans for an incomplete three years managed to create two military bases in the Arab republic and to train on them more than one hundred fighters of the so-called Syrian opposition.
One of the bases – At-Tanf – is still continuing to replenish the groups of terrorists who unsuccessfully oppose the Syrian government. Americans recruited “Cannon fodder” for fighting with the Syrian army, in the refugee camp of Er-Rukban, located on the Syrian-Iraqi border. The militants of the Syrian opposition help them. They do not only recruit “volunteers” from among refugees, but also send women and young girls into sexual slavery to radical terrorists.
The UN Commission and several other human rights organizations have repeatedly made statements about the extremely plight of refugees in the camp. However, they did nothing to stabilize the situation.
However, according to some experts, Et-Tanf lives out his last days. This is not because that someone decided to attack the US armed forces in the region, but because of the conditions that created Damascus and Russia in the south of Syria.
Over the past three years, the Syrian president, with the support of Russia, has achieved tremendous results. He reconquered all previously lost provinces, and also managed to gain a foothold in each of them. As the power of Damascus became more and more widespread, the US base increased the ” commencement ” of militants. At the same time, the time allocated for training, and the quality of their training, fell precipitously. The units from Et-Tanf to the front were fully destroyed. The pro-American militants proved powerless before the government army, recreated with the assistance of the Russian specialists.
The situation for the Americans, has become even more difficult – At-Tanf is surrounded from all sides. Various Arab sources say that the militants are no longer being transported through the Jordanian and Iraqi borders. The groups, which have long been considered loyal allies to the United States, are preparing to leave Et-Tanf and go to the Kurds, to the north. It can be concluded that the base of Et-Tanf will soon be completely eliminated. In any case, it will not be able to fulfill its former functions. This means that the US plan for the training of terrorists has completely failed.

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