After the war in Syria began to fade, Saudi Arabia send more and more weapons from Eastern Europe to Yemen. This was reported by blogger Rufus McDonald on Twitter. “Many soldiers of the army of Yemen, supported by the Saudi coalition, were rearmed with the newly purchased machine guns of 7.62 × 39 mm caliber,” he wrote in the social network. The blogger monitors weapons in the areas of armed conflict and the importation of arms from Eastern Europe has been identified by numerous videos from Sa’ada province in Yemen. There is a civil war between the Husites supported by Tehran and the forces loyal to President Mansur Hadi. His government is recognized by the UN and supported by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia.
We have repeatedly written about the fact that Saudi Arabia and the United States in Eastern Europe and supply it to Syrian militants. Saudi Arabia sent some of the weapons to Yemen before.
The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia has not published reports on arms exports for several years, and in 2014 supplies to Saudi Arabia amounted at $ 45 million. They continued in subsequent years and, obviously, on a larger scale. According to BIRN documents and the hacker’s correspondence of the Azerbaijani embassy in Bulgaria, for the first half of 2016, Ruby star, Airbridge Cargo, Transavia Export and Airbridge Cargo carried out 30 flights to transport weapons from Serbia and Slovakia to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan, and the Azerbaijani Silk Way for 2016-2017 – 12 flights. For example, on June 9-10, the Il-76 plane of Azerbaijani airlines transported 50,000 hand grenades from the Serbian Nis to the Saudi airbase Prince Sultan, and on June 12, 50,000 – 60, 81 and 120 mm mortar shells. The supplier was Serbian Technoremont Temerin Serbia and GIM, and the recipient was the Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia.
According to EADaily, in 2016 sales of Soviet-type weapons to Saudi Arabia amounted at $ 400 million. And last year they hardly decreased. In two years, it will be $ 800 million. As stated in 2016 by Serbian Prime Minister Alexander Vučić, the country could increase its arms production fivefold, but this amount would still not be enough to meet demand.
Now, perhaps, after the stifling of the conflict in Syria, the flow of arms from Eastern Europe to Yemen has intensified. There are no exact confirmations, however. In addition, Riyadh refers to the Yemeni war more scrupulously than to the Syrian war. If the jihadists of Syria get only weapons of Soviet designs, then the armies of Yemen has NATO weapons – for example, American automatic grenade launchers Mk 19, Canadian sniper rifles PGW Timberwolf and PGW Coyote and German automata Heckler-Koch G36.
Recall that the Syrian militants are still supplying weapons from Eastern Europe, the United States. EADaily wrote that according to the program of training and arming the forces to oppose the “Islamic state” in Iraq and Syria the Pentagon planned to allocate $ 500 million for militants to this year’s arsenal and $ 300 million next year.
The last time a large supply of weapons to Syria through the United States was seen in February. Then the Pentagon contractors received 23 tons of ammunition from Bulgaria for Syrian jihadists. According to the international portal of customs declarations Panjiva, in February Bulgarian enterprises made two deliveries of ammunition to the United States. On February 16, the Bulgarian ammunition production company “Dunarit” shipped 5.7 tons of shells and mortar bombs to the American unit of the British corporation Chemring Military Products. From Bulgaria the cargo was delivered to the German port of Bremerhaven, and from there the container ship Philadelphia Express – to the American Charleston.

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