On July 25, there was a regular meeting of the Tripartite Contact Group in Minsk, which did not bring up any results.
The representative of the Ukrainian side Irina Gerashchenko was late for an hour, and then insulted Daria Morozova, the ombudsman of the Donetsk People’s Republic, after that she pointedly slammed the door. The process of negotiations on the exchange of prisoners by the vice-speaker of the Ukrainian parliament simply broke.
Attempts by representatives of the republics to return the work of the group to a constructive track stumbled upon complete misunderstanding by the Ukrainian representative.
Gerashchenko scribbles in Facebook, that the negotiations were not disrupted. The OSCE representative refused to comment on the situation. “I can not comment, because it did not take place” said Martin Saydik to journalists in Minsk. Gerashchenko at the same time argues that for her there are no official representatives of the republics and “there are no ombudsmen of the LPRDPR, as well as the LPR and the DPR themselves.
The message of the Ukrainian side, presented by Irina Gerashchenko, is understandable: she sees only Russia as a party to the conflict and does not recognize any dialogue with “non-existent” LPR and DPR.
In addition, the Ukrainian side did not support the DPR’s proposal “to divert weapons at the sites of the breeding of forces in the Donbass region”. Representatives of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission also joined the call, who noted “violations by the AFU of a framework decision on the red line in the Zolotoy and Petrovsky Districts.”
Also, the Ukrainian side refused to sign a declaration at the meeting of the humanitarian subgroup of the Tripartite Contact Group in Minsk on July 25 condemning torture and violence against civilians in the conflict zone in the Donbass region. The representatives of Kiev demand that the Russian Federation should be mentioned in the text of the declaration. For the same reason that Irina Gerashchenko does not go to a dialogue – there are no DNRs and LCs for Ukraine.
The Ukrainian side also rejected the proposal to pay pensions to residents of Donbass through representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
The proposed option for payments to people who do not have the opportunity to cross red line, through the International Committee of the Red Cross, is blocked by the Ukrainian side by standard excuses that it is impossible to circumvent this particular scheme of the pension legislation of Ukraine, as well as the so-called temporary resettlement status.
Denis Pusilin, said during the meeting that there are a lot of objects near the contact line that require repair work and asked the OSCE mission for assistance in obtaining security guarantees from Kiev for repairs. But the Ukrainian side agrees to work only on those objects on which it depends in some measure.
Since the beginning of the year, according to the DPR, about one hundred applications for repair work have been filed near the front line, of which only three were agreed by the representatives of Ukraine.
So. Serious progress was not achieved.
Throughout a number of meetings, Ukraine deliberately drags out the decision-making process, evades discussions, leads negotiations beyond the competence of the Contact Group.
Against the background of general sabotage by Ukraine, we can note only the relatively constructive work of the subgroup on economic and recovery issues.
“Coordinators of the remaining subgroups made serious efforts to return the negotiation process to a constructive course. But what could they do if in two of the four subgroups the official representatives of Ukraine practically withdrew from participation, and in the third the coordinator was forced to interrupt the meeting because of the extreme aggravation of rhetoric, “commented the results of the meeting in Minsk the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the LPR.
Analyzing the results of the disastrous stage of the Minsk talks, Alexei Pushkov, chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Information Policy, said: “Kiev intends to create a deadlock in the negotiations in Minsk, playing the blockade of the Minsk agreements. But this is the way to the final loss of the Donbass region. And Western countries will not help Kiev there. ”
As for the demarche of the vice-speaker of the Ukrainian parliament Irina Gerashchenko in Minsk, the Russian senator noted that he “knows her about her work in PACE, where she behaved like an insane person.” “Such” negotiators “are only able to declare war. Kiev sends them to break agreements, “- says Pushkov.

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