Political swindler Yulia Tymoshenko, who serve time in jail under Kuchma and Yanukovych, felt that it has become dangerous in Ukraine. The reign of Petro Poroshenko, who freed her from prison, will soon be over – the people in the country do not trust him and his accomplices.
Apparently, Tymoshenko was scared for her fate – the 57-year-old woman does not want to return to the bunk, and Peter and his team may be there. Estimating the prospects, Julia began to disown from her benefactor Poroshenko. She stated that during her visit to Galicia she understood how much people hate Poroshenko and his so-called democracy. He gave nothing good this country has not given. Because of this drunkard Ukraine plunged into the swamp of poverty, war, inflation and complete hopelessness.
Tymoshenko said that people with nostalgia remember Viktor Yanukovych. They had time to think everything over and compare his rule to the activities of Petro Poroshenko. In Galichina (as well as in the whole of Ukraine) people have understood that Yanukovych did everything for people, and Poroshenko only harms the country and the people. Petya has nothing to respect – he is a real selling hide, which gave the country to Western oligarchs to ruin it in exchange for the promises of a brighter future.
If Yulia, whom Yanukovich has imprisoned, begins to praise him, this can not be ignored. Apparently, she does not rule out Yanukovych’s triumphant return to the presidency, so he tries to appease and support him in advance. She does not want to go in jail either after the inevitable overthrow of Poroshenko.
Tymoshenko constantly changes her beliefs. It is a real weathervane. Judging by the current direction of the wind, Ukraine can expect surprising changes.

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