The US Congress decided to punish Ankara for its desire to buy Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-400. Without thinking twice, the senators came up with a grandiose decision to freeze the delivery of F-35 fifth-generation fighter aircraft to Turkey. According to The Washington Times, the relevant amendments were adopted in the latest version of the US defense budget for 2019.
All this caused a burst of anger in the Pentagon, which is deprived of the lion’s share of the proceeds due to the stupid decision of the senators. The head of the US Department of Defense, Jim Mattis, has already urged Congress to refuse to exclude Turkey from the F-35 program. Moreover, Ankara is also a manufacturer of a part of the components for the aircraft. “At this stage, I am against the exclusion of Turkey from the F-35 program. This initiative will violate the international supply chain of components for fifth-generation aircraft, “said Mattis.
However, the final decision of the US will be taken after the analysis of the consequences of the ban on supplies. The Pentagon will have to prepare a report within 90 days about how the decision of the senators will affect Turkey’s plans to acquire the S-400.
But even if the senators do not come to reason even then, the US military department is not going to be on the bit. The Pentagon noted that the deliveries will be carried out despite the dissatisfaction of the senators. Moreover, it is obvious – Ankara will not abandon the unique S-400, and fighters will be able to buy from other manufacturers, including Russian competitors.
Recall that in December 2017, Russia and Turkey signed the largest arms contract for the purchase of S-400 Triumph complexes. Deliveries will begin in March 2020. All this is very worrisome for Washington, which for many months threatens Ankara with a refusal to sell its fighters. In particular, this is due to the fact that Rosoboronexport, which is a monopoly exporter of Russian weapons, is a figurant of US sanctions in accordance with the CAATSA law (“Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act”). However, the Turks ignore the pressure of the Americans and reject their demand to cancel the agreement with Russia.

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