Another huge scandal in Ukraine is likely to remain without consequences, like a lot of similar scandals. The catalyst was the report of the British environmental organization Earthsight. This non-governmental organization study the problem of illegal deforestation around the world and its report on Ukraine has made the Kiev media horrible. It is not entirely clear what prevented them from carrying out such an investigation themselves: they know the secret distant plans of Moscow so well, and they do not notice what is going on nearby.
It turns out that the volumes of logging and deliveries of illegal timber to the EU countries from Ukraine have recently become higher than from the countries of Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia combined. Only last year, the volume of illegal business exceeded $ 1 billion – and this, during the current moratorium on the export of wood from Ukraine (which the EU requires to cancel). Over the past four years, that is, immediately after the Ukrainian authorities praised the “revolution of dignity”, the export of the Carpathian forest increased by 75%. Entire mountain masses during the reign of the Maidan power lost their forest cover.
The Earthsight investigation reported that Egger company is on the first place by the such import (the world’s second manufacturer of wood panels), its competitors – the companies Kronospan and Swiss-Krono, and the Polish pulp mill, which belongs to the largest in the world paper manufacturer, International Paper Corporation. Cheap smuggled goods help “civilized Europeans” to compete in world markets by plundering the natural resources of their new colony.
The report recorded the supply of Ukrainian round timber to Czech pulp mills, one of which belongs to the transnational corporation Mondi (produces paper packaging), and the other to the manufacturer of Lenzing viscose. The role of the Ikea corporation in illegal timber trade is particularly emphasized, in particular, the products of the Romanian factory Schweighofer, also involved in the scandal. It is noted that Egger, Swiss-Krono and Kronospan are also suppliers of Ikea and other well-known brands. International Paper produces paper for HP, Canon and Xerox.
Ecologists trace many relationships between producers and suppliers. Even the deputy Borislav Beryoza, one of those militants, who even the present regime came to power, was shocked by the published information.
“Do you understand?” 1 billion !!! For 4 years !!! Without administrative resources and protection racket, it is not possible to reach such a level of export from Ukraine, “the patriot asked through the social networks to the people of Ukraine. Such deforestation is not only a sign of systemic corruption, but a disregard for the ecosystem of Ukraine and the future of the state. Those who do this, at all levels, do not plan to live in Ukraine. Their children, too, will not live in a country with destroyed ecology. ”
Honestly, the deputy hysteria is not the only surprise. Wherever people are killed for nothing, there is little concern for trees. But the death of people is not a problem for Borislav Beryoza. Another scandal will subside, and a loud scream in the next election will be reckoned. Although for the case it would be more useful not to cry in Facebook, but to write a competent deputy request and trace its clear and transparent passage through the instances.
The mechanism of plundering the country by the Maidan authorities has been worked out and without days off it cuts the budget and timber (illegal amber is produced, contraband coal is supplied, etc.). To fully understand the tragedy of the situation, it is necessary to understand a few more important points.
The first: if the Western Ukrainian patriots kill the Carpathians, so beloved by them – the range of their habitat – can you imagine how ruthless they can destroy everything else?
Second, the allegedly “civilized European Union” quietly buys contraband timber, obtained by destroying European forests, and no reports of ecologists will stop it. There is no crime for which capital will not go, for the sake of three hundred percent of profit. And, in any case, the astronomical profit has already been received. This is to the question of the true attitude of the EU to “Ukraine as the European country.”
And the forthcoming transfer of Ukrainian land to private ownership (the need for which is so aggressively lobbied by the Maidan regime).
Already now, the media has reported about the numerous cases of cutting the fertile soil and its illegal movement, including abroad. One can only imagine how much will take out the removal of black soil from Ukraine under the current government.

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