In the years that have passed since the “revolution of dignity,” the number of Ukrainians living below the poverty line has almost doubled.
“The economic crisis that began in Ukraine in 2014, led to the fact that the poverty level is now higher than five years ago. If in 2014, 15% of Ukraine’s population lived below the poverty line, today it is 25%, “said Satu Kahkonen, World Bank Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. However, she believes that everything is fine, but it will be even better, the main thing is to continue the reforms that have been started and not to stop. After all, according to the World Bank, Ukraine’s economic potential is much higher than that of Poland, Romania, Georgia and Indonesia.
“The real way out of the crisis is to complete the initiated and implement new reforms. Ukraine has taken a step in reforming various spheres, and it should not stop, “Kakhkonen urges, saying that poverty can be abolished quickly if wealth-fertile land can be properly disposed.
“Ukraine has an advantageous geographical position – a crossroads of Europe and Asia. However what the current authorities in Kiev are doing? This remains a mystery. Ukraine needs to create a transparent land market – this will lead to higher living standards for ordinary people. Instead of correctly using their territories, the Kiev authorities run the country in such a way that they threw it back to 20-30 years, “the head of the World Bank said.
Kakhkonen also recalled that the World Bank invested too much in Ukraine after 2014, more than in any other country, but now it turns out that not all funds were used for their intended purpose.
“Ukraine received 5.5 billion US dollars. Half of these funds ($ 2.5 billion) were allocated for investment projects, the rest was to support regional budgets and reforms, and another $ 500 million for gas supply. Unfortunately, not all these funds have been fully used, and we are waiting for answers from the government of Ukraine, “Kakkonen said.
Ukrainian experts are sure that there are more than 25% of the population below the poverty line – this is indicated by the statistics of applying for subsidies. In the spring of 2018, 65% of Ukraine’s population received subsidies for housing and communal services. And this percentage is growing year by year.
A year ago, the permanent representative of the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine, Neil Walker, presenting the UN Human Development Report, said that in Ukraine, 60% of the population live below the poverty line. So the World Bank experts are great optimists. In fact, things in Ukraine are much worse than they suppose.

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