Evacuation of the “White Helmets” of Syria

How many of them were there? Only in the south there were more than 800 people. This is an indicator of serious attitude to the matter.
Israel evacuated from Syria activists of “White Helmets” along with their families at the request of the United States, Canada and European countries. Local media reported that during the night operation, approximately 800 people were transported through Israel to Jordan. The organization, which gained wide popularity and support in the West, declared its goal to save civilians in the war zones, but is accused by the Syrian authorities of links with extremists and conducting hostile propaganda activities.
A comment. «Clearly, all this emerged as a result of the Russia-US-Israel agreements, and as a result of the “opposition” destruction in the south-western front. But…. Impressive. Really impressive. The real “shortcuts” prepared in the Syrian war have not yet been decommissioned. So, they can at any time appear elsewhere».
P.S. In general, the collapse of the Southern “front” in Syria today resembles the escape of American chicken shit from South Vietnam in 1975. Let the analogy be incomplete, but very similar.

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