The next problems began in the Marine Corps of the Ukrainian Armed Forces which are deployed near Mariupol. The ranks of elite units are rapidly decreasing. The commission came from the General Staff to find out the reasons in the location of the 36th brigade of the Marine Corps.
The reason is simple – non-compliance with the elementary norms of supplying water and providing food. In connection with these circumstances, the Marines of Mariupol again has a whole bunch of intestinal infections, but the worst is cholera.
As you can see, the militia of Donbass do nothing with it, but the Ukrainian approach to solving this problem is surprising. Although, in fact, you just need to carry out a set of measures for disinfection and control the work in the area of food supplying.
But the Armed Forces are not looking for easy ways. The command decided to send 30 soldiers to the British specialists to Odessa. Now the overseas partners of Ukraine will teach the elite of the Armed Forces, apparently, how to wash your hands before meals and wash your food before cooking.
It’s strange that the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine has not done this yet …

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