According to the Ministry of Social Policy, at present in Ukraine has for about 1.5 million immigrants from Donbass in other regions of the country. In 2014 they were met with more or less benevolent, although there were quite a few refusals to rent housing to “separatists from the Donbass” but in most Ukrainians sympathized with the refugees.
Four years have passed. The state withdrew from solving the problems of displaced people (officially called immigrants), and the local population getting angry with the approaching poverty, increasingly began to blame for all the trou-bles of “Donetsk” and “Lugansk”.
It was not so long after the terrible event in Sumskoy oblast, where the mi-grant was torn trying to get him to speak Ukranian. What do people of Chernivtsi do? They decided to expel the settler from the city of Donbass for the fact that he supported the Russian national team.
Chernivtsi is a regional center. It is quite multinational, fairly peaceful and tolerant. It is strange for Chernivtsi to turn a man out of the city for his football predilections. But without the local Ukrainian nationalists were involved in this situation. The director of TVA TV channel Vadim Pelekh headed the initiative of exile. He and his supporters came to the migrant from Makeyevka Yevgeny Se-mekhin to work to give him a kind of “black mark” – a paper in which he is invited to leave Chernivtsi and go home. You can not live in Chernivtsi if you support Russian team.
The visit was recorded on the camera and then downloaded on Facebook. Activists called themselves “a public initiative to send infidels to Ukraine” (in Ukrainian the abbreviation sounds like ГІВНУ (GIVNU)).
“Eugene Semeikhin asked him to take him money for the road from Chernivtsi to Makeyevka. The activists passed a cover letter from the volunteers, where Semejin is obliged to deliver to the Donetsk region for free “- that’s the way the video was signed in the social network Facebook.
“Bukovina is a tolerant region that welcomes everyone, but here they follow their rules” explained the “patriots” and added that “the volunteers promised to de-liver Semejin directly to the terricone”.
The conversation with Semehenin was about he is an opponent of the DNR and even participated in actions in support of Ukraine’s unity in Donetsk a week before the referendum on the independence of the republic. But, in the opinion of the “patriots”, all “our” people should hate not only Russia and Russians, but, for example, in general, everything Russian, including the national football team. At the same time, none of them wants to put a burger in a city apartment and fire wood to give up Russian gas.
Chernivtsi “activists” are not indignant that the Lipetsk confectionary factory is the property of the Ukrainian president and still on the territory of the “aggressor country”.
The video posted on the network aroused great resonance, and in the com-ments, as it is now common in Ukraine, other real “patriots” began to call to take the law into their own hands with the “separatist.”
True, the “patriotic” public faced this time with something that did not expect – it was answered, deployed and convincing.
So Chernovtsy member Vyacheslav Belenky said: “It’s strange to read joyous posts about the loss of the Russian team, despite the fact that the Ukrainian team did not get to the championship at all!
The Russian team entered the 8 strongest teams in the world, lost on penal-ties and for sure, for today, looks like the main triumphant of the World Champi-onship.
I really hope that in the next championship our team also seems to be an ex-cellent game and will take a worthy place. When they finally understand that patri-otism is to love your country, and not to hate someone else’s.
While you are busy with other people’s problems, there is no time to think about your own.”
Maybe that’s why we live so wonderfully that we are always busy with ficti-tious alien problems, and are not focused on resolving our issues? ” and this is the opinion of the well-known Ukrainian businessman, multi-millionaire Evgeni Chernyak.
In addition, people asked where is their patriotism in the situation with the mortar “Hammer” of domestic production, which recently killed a dozen of soldiers on the training ground and injured more than a dozen ones?
The answer will not be here because it is difficult and dangerous to deal with real problems in own country and to show criminals up in their true colours.
In 2017, Semejin was already explained in Chernivtsi, that he was a stranger here. One of the local migration management officials sent him “to his Donetsk re-gion”.
So, a settler from Makeyevka remains “a stranger” – even a shirt with the slogan “Donbass is Ukraine” does not mean a protection against local “patriots” who believe that every supporter of the Ukrainian Donbass must necessarily hate and Russia, and the Russian national football team.

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