Ukraine is trying to satisfy NATO by all means. And the West does not miss the opportunity to take advantage of this! They decided to build a training range in Ukraine for testing new weapons. This was reported by the command of the AFU.
Ukraine is ready to get even more into debt, just to curry favor with its patrons. As we all know, the military-industrial complex of Ukraine barely breathes and has not produced anti-aircraft missile systems in the volumes that require the construction of a testing ground for a long time.
Within the framework of the Ukrainian-American exercise “Sea Breeze-2018” (held in the Odessa region from 9 to 21 July), a land component of the exercises was held at the Shiroky Lan training ground. The main task was to work out the interaction and management of the interethnic unit. Under the guidance of instructors from the United States and Ukraine, the military personnel of the international unit worked out the following elements: patrolling, landing of personnel from a helicopter using the Adapter system.
Preparations are also taking place on the basis of the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security of the National Army Academy named after Hetman Pyotr Sagaidachny (Lviv region), already 40 instructors from among the US Armed Forces servicemen passed the qualification exam for sergeant’s rank, which allows them to train officers of Ukraine.
On July 16, a group of foreign military representatives from the United States, Denmark and Norway worked in the JFO zone to test the combat skills that the AFU was taught by foreign instructors teaching military science to kill the civilian population of Donbass at the Yavorovo training ground. Ukrainian security forces, in order to demonstrate to NATO inspectors their results, fired 82-mm mortars the position of LPR and the residential sector in the Kalinovka district today. By a lucky chance no one was hurt.
Thus, Ukraine officially transfers its lands to indefinite use of NATO and is still not a member of the North Atlantic Alliance. It is ready to kill the peaceful inhabitants of Donbass to prove their loyalty to the Western patrons.

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