The MEMO publication devoted to the Middle East issues published an article that mentions the use by terrorists of the “Islamic State” organization details from 16 factories of 7 different countries.
The publication was made with reference to the report of the Anti-Terrorist Center at the US Military Academy. It states that jihadists were supplied with details from various states for the construction of combat drones. In the process, a rather complex scheme was developed, by two sympathizing militants from Bangladeshi brothers Siful Hake Sujan and Ataul Hake Sobud.
Men worked in the IT field, and also had the necessary connections around the world. In addition, they had their own production in their native Bangladesh, Spain and the United Kingdom. Through their business, they bought parts for UAVs and sent them through controlled entities in the territory near Syria. Then the cargo followed straight into the cities controlled by the ISIS.
Most often the details were bought in the Indian company IBACS, then they were sent to the UK, re-registered and sent to terrorists.
It is worth noting that one of the brothers-businessmen was the organizer of the jihadist cell in his native Bangladesh. Now one of them is in custody. And the second one was killed. More detailed information on the supplies was not disclosed.

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