While the USA under the heading “alarm!” discuss the report of the successful tests in Russia of hypersonic missiles, at the other end of the Earth the retired general of one of the “strongest” European armies is sad. Sad and complains.
His sadness is grieved by the Ukrainian media. Lieutenant-General of the Reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Dmitri Umanets, stated about the deplorable situation of the country’s air defense.
“Undoubtedly, Ukraine has some potential of anti-aircraft missile systems, and first of all Buk-M1 – there are some progress, because the sky of the country should be protected. Thank God that the enemy does not use aviation. And so, the situation is deplorable, “the officer said.
“As for the air defense troops, there are a lot of difficulties, primarily due to the fact that air defense missile systems were produced in Ukraine. All production, the entire scientific base remained in the Russian Federation, “Umanets said. “Earlier, anti-aircraft missiles were produced in Russia. The S-300 rockets were manufactured by the Mytishchi plant near Moscow. The rockets of the 125th complex were produced in Ukraine but it is not in service yet.
There is a well-known rule: when you criticize something then offer. The general seems to be proposing in general words, but states that the country’s leadership does not see the issue: “However, the leadership of the state still does not want at least to repair them. Everything depends on the mechanisms for adopting this technique, the fact that the decisions to accept these complexes for service, primarily to the front are taken very slowly. There are problems with gunpowder, with missiles. ”
The general stressed that the troops have problems with a high level of accident rate of such missiles.
And by the way, for what purposes is the air defense missile “at the front”? Nobody in the DPR and LPR is going to bomb Kiev or Zhitomir, and there is no such aviation in the armies of the republics. But something was reserved for Ukrainian murders, who bombed civilians. That’s why the remnants of the Ukranian aviation are afraid.

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