In the middle of June, for an indefinite period, one of the leading chemical enterprises, DniproAzot, the only liquid chlorine producer in Ukraine, stopped its work. Note that without liquid chlorine, disinfection of water is not possible.
The official reason for stopping the enterprise, which marked 80 on May 25, 2018, is the high price for gas. According to local media reports, the stop of DniproAzot has a different background: the enterprise became a hostage of a lawsuit between Ukrainian and oligarch Igor Kolomoisky and Naftogaz of Ukraine. One way or another, the gas supply to the plant has been stopped.
Less than a month after the DniproAzot stoppage, water utilities of Ukrainian cities began to alarm – they had liquid chlorine in the stock for a maximum of 20 days, in some farms chlorine will end in a week, after which a real collapse of the whole country’s water supply may occur.
“In mid-June, DniproAzot, which is a producer of liquid chlorine, which uses water canals to disinfect drinking water, warned that it stops supplying and stops the production of liquid chlorine. In this regard, at the enterprises of the water supply and sewerage industry of Ukraine, a complicated situation arose with the subsequent disinfection of drinking water, “reads the report on the site of the ” Kyivvodokanal “.
Currently, one Ukrainian company “is trying to organize large shipments of chlorine in containers by road, but the issuance of permits and other formal procedures will take more than a year. Moreover, such specialized containers are not enough “, – they say in ” Kyivvodokanal “. It turned out that the supply of chlorine in tanks from Romania is very problematic, and there is no alternative to the urgent launch of DniproAzot.
If chlorine does not appear in the near future, at the beginning of next week the supply of water to the centralized water supply system in some regions and cities of Ukraine can be significantly limited, and in some cities it is completely discontinued. Remains of chlorine on “DniproAzot” are fully realized, there are no strategic or tactical reserves.
If your own production is destroyed, the most logical outcome is the purchase of the necessary from neighboring countries – preferably with more convenient logistics. From Europe, liquid chlorine in industrial volumes will not be delivered due to the “transportation issue”, there remain enterprises of Russia.
But buying from the Russian Federation is ideologically unacceptable – it’s an “aggressor country”. The most likely application is already “run-in” schemes: buy the necessary goods yet from Russia, but through a number of intermediaries who will give the opportunity to say that the supplies come from “partners”. Belarus may well once again cash in on mediation between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, enabling the Kiev officials to put considerable funds from the budget into their pockets. Liquid chlorine delivered from the Russian for Ukrainian citizens will be called French or American, that is, “ideologically clean”.
Scheme, indeed, worked out: the current Ukrainian government is destroying its production, and has profits on purchases of what is needed abroad. In this scheme, there are no simple Ukrainians – they were left with the right to embroidered shirts.

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