A list of large enterprises that were left Ukraine from the USSR, killed by “independence”, was supplemented by one more. The bony hand of Ukrainian “patriotism” destroyed the Black Sea Shipyard in Nikolaev. Under the so-called “totalitarian regime” of the USSR, the enterprise was one of the world’s largest producers of large-capacity vessels. In the 80 years of the last century Shipyard exceeded in the level of mechanization of labor and occupied area all European shipyards.
In the late 80’s, the Shipyard was preparing to take another technological and production height – to build a heavy aircraft carrier with a nuclear power plant. The ship had the name: “Ulyanovsk”. In 1988, this task was real – Shipyard had 26 years of experience in the construction of heavy aircraft-carrying cruisers.
By that time such vessels related to the project 1143 descended from the berths, – Kiev, Minsk, Novorossiysk, Baku, Varyag and the very same Admiral Kuznetsov.
Then the liberals were vigorously discussing what black smoke meant by Admiral Kuznetsov means, although it was just a sea signal “I’m coming”. Now, when the “black smoke”, only in a figurative sense, is released by the once leading Ukrainian shipbuilding enterprise, the liberals are silent.
That same “Ulyanovsk” with the nuclear power plant was disposed in 1992, after a very short time from the moment of receiving “independence”. Such carriers of this class were not needed for a young democratic republic. Thanks to orders from Norway and Greece, as well as small purchases of trawlers by Russia, the Shipyard was able to survive up to 2003. Then the company was excluded from the list of strategically important.
On the territory of the plant, a cargo handling center was placed, and the shipyard itself was sold to the “effective owner” – oligarch Vadim Novinsky. With him, for 15 years, the Shipyard has not produced ANY ONE ship. It has survived only through the repair work.
The only attempt was to lay the first battle ship since the time of the collapse of the USSR was the corvette “Vladimir the Great”, which occurred on May 17, 2011. This ship project 58200 (“Haiduk-21”) has not been built.
Experts link the death of the Shipyard with “eurointegration”. The Black Sea plant, as well as the entire shipbuilding industry of Ukraine, was prepared for the “Greek scenario”. Recall that when entering the EU, Athens lost its powerful shipbuilding. Without destroying the shipbuilding industry, Kiev will not fit into the system of international specialization of labor. It is quite obvious that Europeans do not need competitors in the person of the Shipyard and any high-tech enterprises of Ukraine. But the plant could receive contracts and investments from Russia. As a result, Ukraine lost the flagship of shipbuilding. But I do not think that this fact greatly afflicts Kiev. A sad result of the “eurointegrators” was the decision of the Economic Court of the Mykolayiv region. It stopped the procedure for the rehabilitation of the enterprise, recognizing the Public Joint-Stock Company “Black Sea Shipyard” bankrupt. According to the decision of the court, the Shipyard, founded in 1897, is subject to liquidation.
Let’s pay attention to this date. The enterprise existed under monarchy, and during the difficult years of the Civil War, and under socialism (with a break in the Great Patriotic War). But as soon as the “patriots” came to power in Ukraine, they killed the enterprise. And after all, the history of the Shipyard is not the only one. There are dozens of them.
“Independence” kills. Not only people in the Donbass region and Ukraine itself, but in general everything – infrastructure, enterprises, any meaningful activity. Ruin is coming. From the previous Ruin, which took place after the death of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Ukraine was eventually saved by Russia. Who will save it today?

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