One of the successful actions results of the Syrian army in the southwestern part of Deraa province was the seizure of ten anti-tank missile systems TOW2A, manufactured in the United States. It’s not difficult to guess where jihadists took one of the best anti-tank complexes in the world, capable of effectively fighting the T-72, which is in service of the Syrian army. There are a lot of cases confirming supplies of weapons from the United States to Syrian militants.
Nevertheless, the current seizure of the TOW can be called one of the greatest successes of the Syrian army in the last six months. “The seizure of anti-tank systems allowed not only to save dozens of armored vehicles and the lives of hundreds of Syrian servicemen, but also deprived the militants of one of the most effective weapons,” said Major-General Alexei Tsygankov, head of the Center for Conciliation of Warring Parties.
The tank and several warehouses with weapons of Western production were also captured in the province of Deraa in addition to the TOW. At the same time, the quantity of weapons supplied from abroad by the sponsors of the “Syrian opposition” is striking. In addition to the aforementioned complexes, mortars, ammunition, anti-aircraft guns, American communication systems and night vision systems were found in the warehouse. Reserves would be enough for more than one month of active combat operations.
At the moment, the TOW ATGMs is in service in more than 40 countries. However Syrian militants had not obsolete, but modernized modifications of the complexes, which are ideally suited for use in the Syrian mountain-desert terrain. That is, for conditions in which combat operations are conducted. For example, since the spring of 2015, militants have been armed with TOW ATGMs with the Hughes / DRS AN / TAS-4 night vision sights, which are mainly used by the US Army.
In recent years, TOW has become widespread among various terrorist groups.
It should be noted that with the supply of light weapons to Syrian militants, the United States is engaged, through its Middle Eastern allies, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, bypassing internationally recognized channels, using private trade and transport companies. A significant part of these operations is conducted under the direct order of the US government. Purchases are made by the Pentagon (or the US government), but are not recorded in the documentation as “official” military assistance.
As for ATGM, this is a completely different type of weapons which exports are limited by a number of restrictions, including the ban on re-export. At the same time, the use of this type of weapons requires careful preparation of calculations and a series of intensive practical training under the supervision of experienced specialists. So the numerous statements of the Pentagon about their “non-participation” in the arming of Syrian Islamists sound, to put it mildly, ridiculous. Obviously, deliveries of American ATGMs would be impossible without Washington’s direct involvement.
The statements of a number of American high-ranking military officials who admitted that the level of training of Syrian Islamists within the framework of the use of TOW exceeds the level of a significant majority of the actual American soldiers. The best American instructors are training the opposition. From this it follows that the training of Syrian militants for the US military-political leadership is even more important now than training its own soldiers.
Of course, the seizure of ten TOWs by the Syrian army will significantly weaken the “anti-Asiad” forces already battered in recent battles. However, how many such gifts from American sponsors remain in the hands of the militants is unknown.

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