The People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, better known as the former leader of the “Right Sector,” Dmitri Yarosh, was suddenly concerned about the prospects for a future war with Russia and the fact that no one except him under-stood this.
“Let’s stop the aggression of Russia together and destroy this geopolitical monster. A big war, like “winter” in “The Game of Thrones,” is getting closer every day. And we will either win this war, or we will disappear forever. The theses on a war in which one must win, and not surrender Ukrainian national interests, are perceived as idiotic. So it was in the spring of 2014. I remember it well! “- wrote on his page in the social network Facebook Dmitry Yarosh, now in charge of the armed organization” Ukrainian Volunteer Army “, which operates outside government control.
This statement was probably required in order to justify the opening of the children’s school of raiders, in which they will prepare children for the future war with Russia.
“The most difficult tests for our nation and state are yet to come. Therefore, we, the Ukrainian volunteers, together with the fulfillment of combat tasks on the front line, prepare the young generation for the protection of Ukraine and the de-struction of our everlasting enemy, the Russian empire-aggressor, “Yarosh an-nounced a school of young raiders.
At school, children will be taught to shoot, set up mines and stretch marks, have a sense of direction on the terrain, provide first aid and, of course, hate Rus-sia. And yet – to die with joy for Ukraine. How can one not remember Hitler Ju-gend or “Lions of the Caliphate”, where they prepare children for the tasks of ISIS.
The school of young raiders is not the only place in Ukraine where murder-ers and terrorists are grown from small Ukrainians.
The military children’s camp “Ukrainian resistance” is already operating in the Odessa region under the leadership of the radicals from “Self Defense of Odessa ” and former “ATO-fighters”.
The subjects are the same – weapons, the fundamentals of disguise, mine-laying and hatred of everything Russian.
“The patriotic education of our youth today is very important. Therefore, the activists of the “Self Defense of Odessa” are always happy to help educate children and adolescents. We are always happy to provide our instructors, training aids and other help in organizing the education of children. We are sure that the new generation will faithfully and truly serve our native Ukraine! “- say the Odessa” patriots “on their page in the social network Facebook.
The second month on the coast of the Sea of Azov military patriotic camp “Azov patriot” is working under the patronage of “Azov” battalion.
In just one shift in 30 days, adolescents of 14-16 years old will learn not only to use weapons, but also will take courses in yachting and riding.
The most famous camp “Azov” is located on the territory of the former rec-reation center on the outskirts of Kiev, in the camp there is a climbing wall, a circle of robotic technicians, a rope park – anything that can interest teenagers. Well, weapons, of course …
Azov has a whole network of similar camps, many in Russian-speaking re-gions, where children are taken from the age of six. And in camp “Carpathian Le-gion” in Ivano-Frankivsk region under the patronage of the National Security Agency are ready to take four years children.
On the territory of Mariupol, in 2017, under the supervision of the National Security Agency, a children’s “patriotic regiment” was established and is being trained. By the way, children in such structures try to recruit from unfortunate families – they are most influenced.
It is enough to listen to the words of young pupils of such children’s institutions to understand the plans for the future of their curators.
“We will conquer the whole world! Death, death to the Muscovites! “Children chant with pleasure.

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