According to a statement by the US Navy in Europe on Twitter, the flagship of the US Sixth Fleet USS Mount Whitney entered the Black Sea on July 7 to participate in the Ukrainian-American exercises «Sea Breeze». Last Friday, the USS Porter, a rocket destroyer, entered the Black Sea for the same purposes.
As the Odessa edition of “Dumskaya” reported, USS “Porter” ship came into the Odessa port and moored at the 16th berth of the marina.
“At the time of mooring, a patrol was on duty at the sea terminal from mili-tary servicemen of the anti-sabotage detachment of the Navy, who not only prohibited the photographing of the rocket destroyer, but even shut the camera lenses of journalists. The person who was responsible for being on duties said he had received the appropriate order. It’s strange but if it has such secrecy, then why did Porter put it on the sea terminal and not hide it in one of the hide harbors of the harbor? ”
As noted in the statement of the American command, “during these exercis-es, various tasks will be worked out, including suppression of illegal activities at sea, counteraction in the air and under water, landing, as well as search and rescue operations.” This year, the exercises will be held from 9 to 21 July and will be on the north-western part of the sea.
That’s why Russia stated that such maneuvers worsen the military-political situation in the region. They are not a good background for the forthcoming meeting of the leaders of Russia and the United States in Helsinki.
Russian Senator Franz Klintsevich said that these exercises do not pose a threat to our country, all movements are monitored online and, if necessary, the reaction will follow immediately. Nevertheless, according to the politician, joint trainings with the United States provoke Kiev into some wrong actions creating an illusion of permissiveness.
According to the “Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation on Defense and Military Relations” between Ukraine and the United States, it should be reminded that the Sea Breeze exercises are held annually since 1997. In addition, it is important to recall that it was the destroyer Porter participated in the military operation in the Mediterranean Sea several months ago. From its ship’s board, the Tomahawks were hit by objects in Syria.

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