The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine called upon the population of the country to dream about “restoring the territorial integrity”
The Interior Ministry of Ukraine announced another plan to seize the Don-bass, the decisive role where UN peacekeepers should play.
This project was voiced by the adviser of the Head of the Ministry of Inter-nal Affairs Ivan Varchenko, during the scientific and practical seminar “Strategy of restoration of integrity of Ukraine” in Kiev.
It is assumed that the first to be returned Gorlovka and Novoazovsky district of the DNR.
“We are liberating these areas, based on the capacities of the UN mission. Three thousand people will be enough to visit these regions,” Varchenko said.
In order to understand what is being said, we remind that in mid-April the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov, said that it is necessary to return Donbas “by small steps, the city by city.”
“I have my own plan that called “The tactics of small steps, which everyone applauds.” I do not think that the entire territory of the occupied Donbass can be reintegrated immediately. There aren’t so much “Blue Helmets” for all territory, so I propose to take Gorlovka or Novoazovsky district separately first.
So it is about how to use of UN peacekeepers as a human shield for Ukrainian punishers. Initially, the “Blue Helmets” will move to the territory of the LDPR, in which, as it is believed in Kiev, the defenders of the Donbas will not shoot, and then, under their cover, the units of the Armed Forces, the NSU and neo-Nazi carbats will clean up and “Ukrainize”.
In the People’s Republics they have repeatedly stated that any self-appointed “peacekeepers” that appeared on the territory of the Donbass without the consent of its residents, will be regarded as aggressors and destroyed.
However, Kiev does not bother. And such situation will suit them. If fake peacekeepers are killed by servicemen of the Armed Forces of these Republics, this will give them the most powerful propaganda with so called trump cards.
But all this wonderful scheme, thought out by the Kiev strategists, has weaknesses.
First, the UN will not approve a peacekeeping mission that is not coordinated with all parties to the conflict.
Secondly, the fact is that no one likes the Kiev pro-Nazi regime (junta) enough to provide its soldiers for provocations. Moreover, after the officials of Kiev publicly announced their intention to use them as a “human shield”.
And this is understandable even to “dreamers-hohlam” from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. So why are they announcing these fantastic plans, which after their announce acting become even more fantastic?
The answer is simple: they solve propagandistic tasks, offering fellow citi-zens a dream about unrealizable things.

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