Unexpectedly it turned out that any problem related to the separation from Russia, is a good stick with two ends. And there is no practical question, in the course of which the second end of the stick must crack on the poor head.
Any question is a problem. Complication in the Azov Sea, started with the Crimean “Nord”. The Result: Ukraine considers losses from problems with boat traffic. The patriotic “getting rid of” the Russian market is a problem with the economy, because they have turned away from one market, and in the other they are not particularly allowed. They introduced “scandalous” sanctions against the “enemies”, and “Yuzhmash” and other military factories, which at the very least dragged out co-operation and executed Russian orders, were bent …
Another big problem: Ukrainian nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel to them. With great pomp, songs and dances, they committed “diversification of nuclear fuel supplies”. That, means, to damage the northern neighbor and bend over to the West, as nuclear fuel element – is made in Rosatom and in the American company Westinghouse Electric.
They signed and celebrated … but then again suddenly it became clear that the American fuel for Ukrainian nuclear power plants is not very suitable.
“And it started again” About a year ago, the second power unit of the South-Ukrainian NPP, into whose reactor the Westinghouse fuel cells were loaded, was disconnected from the power grid because of the protection system. The same trouble happened at the second power unit of the Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant, the protection system saved the station.
The first power unit of Khmelnitsky NPP was shutdown.
Now the media showed a document signed by the head of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine Nasalik to the address of Rosatom. Ukraine is interested in restoring bilateral cooperation with Moscow in the area of nuclear energy. Moreover, they say about the defrosting of the joint construction of a plant for the production of nuclear fuel in the Kirovograd region.
“Taking into account the corresponding high level of cooperation in the field of nuclear energy, the prospects for increasing cooperation, as well as the need to resume a number of joint projects, in particular the project to create nuclear fuel elements in Ukraine, we propose to hold a meeting in Brussels from 9 to 12 July,” the letter said.
The Ukrainian department also stressed that “they confirm their interest in the further development of bilateral relations.”
A psycho has a personality split. Immediately, it seems, the disintegration goes on the whole spectrum. As the song sais: “He cried, then laughed, then bristled like a hedgehog. He was mocking us “…
I wonder how they will react in Rosatom? Taking into account the fact that the company’s services are in demand around the world. The Ukrainian market, given all the risks and experience of “gas wars” and Russian “daughter” banks, is hardly a tasty morsel.

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