Ukraine can boast an obvious (and doubtful) record. It has at least the largest black arms market in Europe . It overtakes the countries like former Yugoslavia, which were for a long time.
The country is literally overfull of illegal weapons. And if the chief military prosecutor Anatoly Matios have determined recently the number of illegal weap-ons of 400 thousand, then other experts are much less optimistic.The head of the Ukrainian arms owners association George Uchaykin believes that at least 5 million weapons are walking around the country illegaly!
However, even these numbers hardly reflects the true quantity of the weap-ons black market.
It’s proving by the fact that today almost every fifth violent crime in Ukraine is carried out using firearms. In the criminal news, hand grenade launchers and jet assault grenades regularly appeared. So hand grenades have turned into the regular tool of criminal fights, home conflicts and suicides.
Experts emphasize at least three stages of Ukraine’s “arming”. The first was followed by the collapse of the USSR, when in the process of transition of Soviet arsenals massive and large-scale theft of small arms took place from warehouses. According to experts, up to three and a half million barrels could then “escape” to the black market.
The second stage occurred during the “euromaydan”, when the arsenals of the armed forces and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, weapons of the military units, the Internal Affairs Department and were massively plundered. According to official estimates, it was plundered up to 1.5 million barrels.
We can add a number of Ukrainian enterprises and firms specialized in the weapons sale on the international “gray market”. In connection with the specifics of this kind of trading operations, monitoring their implementation is not too hard. As a result, part of this weapon sells still in Ukraine. It was revealed that there were 50 million cartridges in one of the warehouses of the port of Nikolaev for several years, intended for sending to one of the African countries. At least half of this party disappeared.
The third stage began with the war in the Donbas – then the weapons were practically uncontrolled from the warehouses. A lot of weapons were plundered and they said it lost and disappeared during the fighting.
In addition, Ukraine also receives weapons of the Armed Forces of the LDPR, seized by Ukrainian troops as trophies.
All these weapons were then imported to Ukraine. Many of militants went to this zone especially for the barrels.
These weapons, firstly, disappear all over the country and some of them immediately go to the turnover. It should be noted that not only crime organisatios and militants of extremist groups are buying weapons in Ukraine today. New buy-ers are law-abiding citizens who try to protect themselves and their close people with the help of illegal weapons.The greatest demand is for pistols, the average price for which today in Ukraine is about $ 500.
The Ukrainian newspaper “Obozrevatel” gives approximate quotations for weapons on the Ukrainian black market.
So, the price of hand grenades RGD-5, F-1 or RG-42 is about $ 10, AK costs 500-1000 dollars, depending on the modification and condition. RPG-18 – 100 dollars.You can buy even “Strela-2” or “Igla” with a really good price (2-3 thousand dollars). But these weapons were in warehouses since Soviet times without maintenance and major repairs.
It is interesting to note that, at the same time, where there’s demand, there’s supply, and illegal weapons from abroad are imported into Ukraine.
As a rule, this is smuggling from the EU countries – the most popular in Ukraine are Glock, Colt, CZ, Browning, Beretta, Walther, SigSauer, Vzor. They are not only pistols, but also submachine guns and even assault rifles.
The facts of the “export” of Ukrainian weapons abroad are noted. Thus, The Federal Security Services (FSB) has identified and dismantled two cross-border groups engaged in smuggling arms from Ukraine to Russia and selling it. It is noteworthy that both gangs were associated with neo-Nazis and were under the control of the SBU.
There is at least one known fact of an attempt to smuggle weapons into Po-land. And the Polish border guards prevented the passage of the artillery installa-tion through the border crossing Dorokhusk.
One expects that the main direction of “export” of Ukrainian illegal weapons will be in the EU. This will be facilitated both by the abundance of contraband channels and by the large people movement to the West. Ukrainian migrant work-ers, as is known, are good at engaging in EU labor market.
It is not difficult to guess who will be the main buyers of Ukrainian arms in the EU. First of all, they are criminals and criminally extremist groups of migrants assimilating Europe. And secondly, the ultra-right groups have very close and in-tensive contacts with Ukrainian neo-Nazis.
While Europe is only just beginning to realize the real threat from the East, which can literally fill the continent with illegal weapons, Ukraine seems to be preparing the fourth stage of the black market.
NSDC Secretary of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov, known as the “bloody pastor”, announced the transformation of Ukraine into an “fortress” by creating throughout the country formations of “territorial defense”. There is no doubt that the process of their arming will lead to another leak of weapons on the black mar-ket.
Тhe Ukrainian mass media already reports that Ukraine “Swiss principle”, that is, they will have their weapons and ammunition constantly with them and keep it at home.
Ukrainian leadership on the black market of weapons threatens to become a serious problem not only for the inhabitants of the country but for the whole conti-nent.

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