Crimean wheat will save the Syrians from hunger. Due to the war in Syria, the production of food products has significantly decreased. Because of the reuni-fication of the Crimea with Russia, we have a really good opportunities to build-up agricultural products.
The last few years a record grain harvest in Russia. Anxiety about this was in the US and France saying that Russian wheat replaces them from international markets.
Over the past year, according to the Reuters agency reports, the Syrians were sent 170 thousand tons of Crimean wheat. All are happy: Syrians can bread, Cri-mea found a market for their harvest. In the first half of 2017, 428.5 thousand tons of grain were taken from the Crimea, 288 thousand tons in the same period of 2016. Growth is evident.
Now the Crimean wheat is bought not only by Syria, but by Lebanon and Turkey. From 2017 to 2020 Damascus wants to buy 3 million tons of wheat in Russia. The answear will be in vegetables and fruits which is also good for Russia. To Siberians and Polarians, oriental fruits will be just right.
Every year the Crimea produces 1.4 million tons of grain and 1 million can be exported. An agreement between the Syrian port Tartus and the Russian Sevas-topolis being prepared on direct sea communication for the supply of not only wheat, but also construction materials.
Both countries are under American sanctions, and both are doing everything to find how to increasing trade turnover. Now they succeed in it.
Kiev reacted rapidly reporting to the UN that Syrians baked bread from Crimean wheat. This situation did not change the situation. Deliveries are carried out. Not only Syria and Russia are interested in this, but also other countries, as mentioned above (Lebanon, Turkey). The same situation was with Donbass coal, which was in Poland, Turkey and other countries, because each country thinks, first of all, about its interests, and not about Ukraine’s interests.
The status of Crimea has changed. It was, first of all, a place of rest in Ukraine including a place for villas of Ukrainian deputies. The Ukrainian Navy in Crimea did not do anything useful. Everybody pretended that Ukraine has a fleet.
Now contract servicemen from the Russian Crimea participate in combat operations and missions in the World Ocean.
The Russian Crimea benefits everyone: for the Crimeans, countries that in the conditions of the US blockade, like Syria.Thanks to Crimean supplies they can afford a more independent policy towards the US in conditions of strengthening of Russia’s positions in the Black Sea.
Ukrainian Crimea was like useless territory. Kiev only managed to strike to-gether the Crimean Tatars and the Russians. No more. The strategic benefits that the Crimea could give Ukraine did not use and remake the famous song “Sevasto-pol, Sevastopol, the city of Russian seamen” to “Sevastopol … the capital of Ukrainian seamen”.

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