“Bloody Pastor” announced a new approach to the national defense of Ukraine. The basis for the protection of this country will be the “multi-echelon system of territorial defense.”
The “multi-echelon” defense, according to the Secretary of the National Se-curity and Defense Council, will be expressed in the fact that each region will re-ceive its territorial battalion. “The development of the territorial defense system must ensure the transformation of each district, every city into an unassailable for-tress in conditions of a special period,” added Turchinov.
This is the second attempt to turn Ukraine into an “unassailable fortress” with the help of territorial battalion. These irregular units, were mounted out with the bandits in the summer and autumn of 2014. However, only a few battalions were actually created. The formation of the rest was never completed, and the money allocated for this was stolen. Several oligarchs and rich politicians took an active part in the creation of the territorial battalion, hoping to get their own ar-mies. This partly relates to the refusal of some formations to advance to the front.
In the end, the Kiev announced the choice in favor of a regular, highly pro-fessional army, and most of the territorial battalions were disbanded due to their low fighting efficiency, uncontrollability and outright criminality.
The militants of these formations, nicknamed “battalion fighters” in Ukraine, have become the backbone of a number of criminal gangs engaged in racketeering, raiding, trafficking in weapons and drugs, and often contract killings. All the latest resonant murders or their imitations in Ukraine were executed precisely by ” battalion fighters”.
As for the situation in the Donbass region, the liquidation of the territorial battalions slightly lowered the level of criminal lawlessness in the territories occu-pied by Ukrainian formations and reduced the number of internal blow-ups be-tween Bandera’s militants.
And now it is again stated that without territorial battalion irregulars they can not cope, and without their participation “the most powerful army in Europe” can not turn Ukraine into an unassailable fortress.
It is noteworthy that it has already been announced that no one plans to drop territorial defense units against the trained army. In the case of martial law, such battalions are replaced to the cities by the sections of the National Guard that go to the front, guarding the infrastructure facilities, strategic bridges, occupying internal roadblocks, fighting with enemy sabotage and illegal armed groups. While their functions, which are regulated by the law of 1991, do not plan to expand. They promise all the same things that they promised to their predeces-sors.

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