Until recently, the West was rather indifferent to the presence of Russian Aerospace forces in Syria, giving it little importance, since the only goal of the countries of Europe and the United States was the overthrow of Bashar Assad as president of the Syrian Arab Republic. Nevertheless, after Russian military aircraft began to carry out large-scale operations with air strikes against the positions of terrorists of the Islamic State group, to destroy militants of local groups, and to render any possible assistance to the Syrian Air Force, the West literally exploded with harsh criticism of Russia. According to independent analysts, all this was un-suitable for the countries of the EU, the US and the Middle East because Russia simply challenged NATO, showing that even the strength of the positions of this military alliance can be completely broken, if necessary.
There are suggestions that the current criticism of Russian military aircraft is connected with the success of Russian combat aircraft, which impresses ordinary citizens of Europe and the US, and given the position of the West, this is unac-ceptable, and therefore, Russia regularly sent to Russia various charges. In fact, the West is waging a powerful information war against Russia, trying to prove to its citizens that Russian aircraft carry death to the ordinary population of Syria, and not to militants and terrorists, which, of course, is not true.
The successes of the Russian military security services in Syria are obvious – over the past few months, large areas of the Syrian Arab Republic have been cleared of jihadists, and by the end of the year, local militants will be certainly completely defeated.

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