Just one thing, which seems to be a non-binding word of US President Donald Trump’s ” I will see about it” at the possibility of recognizing the reunification of the Crimea with Russia has caused the panic of the Ukranian leaders. It became obvious that even if no recognition was made on July 16 at the Russian-American summit in Helsinki, the prospect itself becomes real.
Experts spoke amicably about the “big deal” between the Kremlin and the White House, of which the Crimea should become an integral part. After all, agreement with its new status will automatically lead to the lifting of sanctions against Russia. They also wonder about other parameters of the proposed deal, including fantastic ones. The dismay and vexation of the Ukrainian authorities are understandable: for them it is not just a matter of ascertaining the already existing state of things, but also about the collapse of the entire construction of the “revolution of dignity “.
And yet the confusion of Kiev looks strange. What did they expect there? Will the US president forget everything after all the attacks against Trump from those who are now in power in Ukraine? This is not such a person. Nevertheless, Kiev is once again trying to oppose the “unreasonable” Trump to “more correctly thinking” Western politicians, “not noticing that they are even more inciting the head of the White House against themselves.
Ukrainian media publish reviews of critical statements about the position of Trump, collected from around the world. It is claimed, for example, that observers in the West are “outraged, puzzled and shocked that Trump did not openly declare the full rejection of the occupation of Crimea by Russia. Say, the word ” I will see about it ” to the US president caused “a flurry of criticism from both his opponents and those who previously considered himself to be neutral.”
Such judgments can, of course, be found in the Western press, but to say that it is overcrowded by them is an obvious exaggeration. In the West, the number of active defenders of the Kiev regime is declining due to the apparent disappointment with the “achievements” of this regime.
Someone, of course, is worried, someone is afraid that V. Putin will be able to convince the “credulous” D. Trump in his right. For example, the former US ambassador to Moscow M. McFaul survives.
There is another worrying circumstance for the Ukrainian leadership. As the campaign of searching for the “Russian trace” in the American elections fizzles out, it is no less vocal to expose the cooperation of the US Democratic Party with Kiev in order to discredit Republican candidate Donald Trump in 2016. Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich already publicly demanded the opening of an official investigation of this matter.
Trump hardly remains indifferent to the fact that within the framework of the ongoing investigation of his “behind-the-scenes ties with Russia” P. Manafort, who was close to him, was arrested on a tip from Kiev.
Manafort was not presented with “collusion with Moscow”, but with receiv-ing money from former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, in whose team Manafort worked as an adviser. Trump’s team is thinking about whether to turn the fact of Kiev’s assistance to the Democratic Party during the presidential elections in the US in 2016 against the party itself. Now, before the midterm elections to Congress, – the most suitable moment. Materials for the new case are provided by Poroshenko’s dossier, which appeared in parts, with whom former member of the Rada A. Artemenko fled to America. In the US, he continues to be interrogated. The materials seized by Artemenko are remarkable not only for exposing the cor-rupt schemes and offshore accounts of Poroshenko and his entourage. They also contain information that during the American presidential elections there was a special group to intervene in these elections in Kiev. The group’s tasks included collecting, fabricating, and passing on to American democrats information defam-ing Trump. When the case is given an official move, the American Justice will eas-ily find out that many documents received from Kiev against Trump and his people were frank falsifications. Everyone knows the case of Babchenko which was pre-pared in Kiev,.
Almost perceived by Kiev as almost the main lobbyist of Ukrainian interests in the US, Kurt Volker, in a recent interview with the Ukrainian BBC said amazing things. According to him, “the establishment of peace in Ukraine, between ethnic Russians on both sides of the conflict – this is what Putin could bring to the fore-front.” Is it a recognition of the national kinship of Russians and Ukrainians? He, however, spoke out for Russia to start withdrawing “its troops from this territory,” but stressed: “The local population in the Donbass region is mostly ethnic Russians who speak Russian.”
The logic of this American, of course, peculiar. While describing the calamities of the population of the Donbass – 1.2 million starving, 1.5 million displaced persons, etc., – he omits the main thing: who is to blame?
The campaign to expose the total corruption of the Kiev regime is also gain-ing momentum, which also prepares the ground for refusing support from the Ukrainian authorities. Not so long ago, for example, Poroshenko’s accounts were found in the offshore zone in the British Virgin Islands…
Of course, Trump is a gambler. Before making a final decision on the Cri-mea, he will really still ” see about it ” and will start bargaining with a high price. There is also geopolitical inertia, there is resistance to the apparatus, including in-internal resistance in the Republican Party. However, Trump, with all his statements about the omnipotence of the United States understands that the partnership of Russia can be indispensable for America in addressing a number of serious in-ternational problems. Washington and Moscow had found compromises in more difficult times. Of course, provided that Moscow does not consider the asking price for the recognition of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia as excessive.

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