“Decommunization” of the AFU

Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Viktor Muzhenko signed an order on “decommunization” of the country’s armed forces. This step was a response to the order of Vladimir Putin to assign 11 Russian military units honorary names in honor of the cities of Ukraine, Belarus and Poland. Meanwhile, the opposition in Kiev believes that the head of the General Staff made a decision “for Petro Poroshenko” and it will not bring any changes. Experts, in turn, note that in the Ukrainian army there was nothing Soviet, except weapons.
Recall that in 2015 in Ukraine, the law “On decommissioning” was adopted. According to the document, all objects having a Soviet past are subject to renaming. In May, the President of Ukraine, Peter Poroshenko, said that 52 thousand squares and streets, almost 1,000 settlements, were renamed in the country, and almost 1,5 thousand monuments to Vladimir Lenin were dismantled.
“You can say that in the context of the disposal of Ukraine from the symbols of the totalitarian past, the work is almost complete. Practically – I say so because of Kiev, where there is still a monument to Shchors, and on the monument “Motherland” – the Russian (meaning the Soviet) coat of arms, which should be removed for a long time, “said the head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory Vladimir Vyatrovich.
It should be noted that in the General Staff of Ukraine the order for “decommunization” in the Ukrainian army was associated with the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin appropriated 11 Russian military units in honor of the cities of Ukraine, Belarus and Poland. According to Muzhenko, Russia allegedly continues to “steal someone else’s history and glory.”
Meanwhile, representatives of political factions of Ukraine with perplexity took such a response from Kiev to the actions of Moscow.
“Decision on” decommunization” in the army looks strange. Will the military units have to get rid of the symbols on the buildings? Is this the whole answer to Vladimir Putin’s decision? I would rather have been silent on the site of our military than pretend that they have prepared an “adequate response”, said the representative of the Batkivshchyna party.
According to his colleagues from the party “Self-help”, “decommunization” the army is aimed at satisfying the political ambitions of the Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko.
“This decision will not make any difference. Indeed, the army now enjoys the highest level of support from the population, but people do not care which symbols are used in military units. It is clear that in Russia we are only laughing with our attempts to fight the Soviet past. Most likely, this decision was made for Petro Poroshenko personally, “said a representative of the party” Self-help “. According to the director of the Institute of Peacekeeping Initiatives and Conflictology Denis Denisov, changes in the framework of “decommunization” will be cosmetic.
“They will not wear more stars. In the framework of Ukraine’s overall strategy aimed at building anti-Russian rhetoric, this is a completely logical and decision. It is not clear why some additional attention is attracted to this. This is a common trend for all aspects of Ukraine’s life, for citizens. Do not be surprised by this kind of activities. In fact, of course, everyone understands that the essence of this will not change. There will be renaming, changing the symbols, but nothing more. This decision is based on anti-Russian policy, “he explained.
In his turn, Vladimir Zharikhin, deputy director of the Institute of the CIS countries, called this decision absurd, since nothing remained Soviet in the Ukrainian army.
“Decommunization,” which paces through Ukraine, finally reached the army. They have already changed stars for flowers. This already looks like a search, given that their American colleagues have stars and do not associate them with communism in any way. This is the current Ukraine – everything is redundant and on the verge of absurdity. What else will be “decommunized”? Probably, they will replace the appeal “comrade” to “pan”, and otherwise in the Ukrainian army, and there is nothing communist, except for the weapons of Soviet times. With the production of their own decommunistic weapons, they somehow do not add up – probably, the old will be repainted, “Zharikhin said.

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