In Ukraine, the day of the Ukrainian Navy was celebrated with great pomp. The main celebrations in this regard were held in Odessa, where the most respectable public tried to show everything that at least somehow could be pulled into this topic.
The flag was run on the flagship – frigate “Hetman Sagaidachny”. They sang patriotic songs and rewarded anyone they could. Then the indestructible power of the Ukrainian Navy demonstrated the passage of several not very successful handicrafts of Peter Poroshenko’s personal factory – small armored artillery boats «Gyurza-M».
Quite poor program had to be supplemented even with a flash mob: about a dozen Ukrainian sailors in full dressed form with papers calling to save the starving convict in the Crimea on charges of terrorizing Oleg Sentsov.
However, the lack of technology and combat training, which could be shown to the population, the Kiev authorities tried to compensate with lengthy speeches, slogans and promises.
“Despite the great losses after the Russian aggression, the naval sector, the Navy restores its potential … We bow our heads before the memory of the dead heroes,” the “bloody pastor” Turchinov said.
Poroshenko announced that he believes in the “Ukrainian Sevastopol.”
“I believe that by joint efforts we will revive and multiply the maritime glory of Ukraine, and the state flag on our ships will again be raised in the bays of Ukrainian Sevastopol,” said the Ukranian leader.
But the most verbose was the commander of the Naval Forces, Vice-Admiral Igor Voronchenko, who brought down to the ears of the audience a lot of promises and declarations.
In particular, he announced that Ukraine was about to complete the construction of the newest corvette with which “the Crimea will be conqured”, for which it had to find only $ 250 million. He further stated that his department was ready to return control over the Sea of Azov, for which in the near future it is planned to deploy a new naval base.
“I can assure you that we analyze the situation in the Sea of Azov, we control, the corresponding countermeasures have been fulfilled. We have the forces to repel the likely attack. Navy is ready, “Voronchenko said.
The Navy of Ukraine already had six new small artillery armored vehicles of the Gyurza-M type (which, however, required an additional counterweight to ensure effective shooting, which ensures the stability of the combat module, and significantly reduces the low seaworthiness ).
However, all these speeches have caused considerable skepticism even for the Ukrainian audience. Honestly, this is not the thing to attract public attention – the achievements of the new government in naval construction has rather negative values.
However, in Kiev I they see the highest achievement in “the set of NATO standards”. “You can visually see this in joint exercise with the ships of the alliance countries which come to Odessa,” Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said in his message of congratulations to the sailors.
“The Ukrainian-American Sea Breeze-2018 exercise, which begins next week, will test the ability of the naval command to be compatible with the best fleets in the world and the ability to manage a multinational formation,” Poltorak said.
In fact, the minister made it clear that the most important thing today is compliance with NATO standards, which will allow Ukraine to contribute to the activities of the alliance, in logistics or port security. At the time, Kiev connects the prospect of the seizure of the Crimea with NATO.
It is noteworthy that, almost synchronously with Poltorak, the Ukrainian punitive battalion former commander Taras Kostanchuk said on the air of the program “Vox Populi”: “What kind of victory, liberation can we talk about? We are in fact not preparing for it, but we are hoping for someone – for Western partners, for America, for pressure on Russia, etc. ”
However, we should admit that Turchynov, Poltorak, and Poroshenko are well informed and perfectly understand that the US and NATO will not win Crimea and Donbass for Ukraine, as well as the fact that these territories will never return. Therefore, the only thing they need to do is buy Gyurzy-M, steal money to build a “corvette of the future”, which has lasted for 12 (!) Years, and continue to lie to Ukrainians about the growing power of the Navy, the AFU and Western assistance .

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