Ukrainians prefer to rest in the Russian Crimea “Resort” because of the order and better conditions. By resting there they destroy the anti-Crimean propaganda of Kiev. This was said by ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Alexei Zhuravko.
The politician drew attention to the indignation of Ukrainian officials in connection with the growing tourist flow from Ukraine to the Crimea – instead of resting in the Kherson region, Ukrainians go to the Russian peninsula, despite the fact that the authorities in Kiev consider it “occupied” and conduct an information campaign. However, despite all the statements of the Ukrainian media and officials about the “empty beaches and counters”, “the rigidity of the Federal Security Service ” and allegedly high prices, all these tales are broken up after coming to the Crimea.
Zhuravko can not understand that the Ukrainians tell the compatriots the truth in Kiev after returning from the Crimea, , which undermines all attempts of Ukraine to blacken the peninsula and public confidence in the government as a whole. “They say that Russia brought order in the Crimea. For the first time in many years the infrastructure is being restored there, bridges and roads are being built. Russian authorities expelled negligent entrepreneurs who in Ukraine took money from the resort for the approach to the sea, “- described the situation ex-MP.
Instead of misinforming Ukrainians about the Crimea, Zhuravko advises Kiev to tackle its problems, one of which is the condition of Ukrainian “resorts”. As example is the resort village of Iron Port in the Kherson region. According to him, the local beaches are completely littered, and no one is dealing with cleansing water from mud and algae, as a result of which vacationers simply can not enter the water.
In addition, rest in Ukraine, unlike the Russian Crimea, is confused with “incomprehensible people” who “seized the beaches everywhere” and demand money for sea rest. “You can not even go ashore free of charge. In the constitution it is written that the approach to the sea is free, but nobody remembers about it – there are their own orders. The government covers everything, and something tells me that it’s not free. That’s how we live, “Zhuravko wrote in his Facebook.
In addition, Ukrainians are seriously outraged by the difference between prices in the Crimea and Ukraine – it turned out that the cost of food at Russian resorts is lower than in the ordinary cities of Nezalezhnaya. Blogger from Ukraine Tatiana Montian ironically called it a blow below the stomach.

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