Israel supplies weapons to terrorists in southern Syria

According to Syrian state media, large amount of Israeli mines are found in Syria. Damascus repeatedly accused Tel Aviv of aiding militants. Since the beginning of military operation in Syria the Syrian armed forces personnel has repeatedly confiscated weapons and ammunition with Hebrew inscriptions. Recently Syrian Armed Forces stopped a car packed with Israeli-made mines, mortars, missiles and hand grenades that were moving into to the area controlled by ISIL in the east of Syria.
It is worth noting that reports of finding of Israeli weapons or ammunition began from Syria since 2013. According to official sources in Damascus, they were found by Syrian troops on the captured bases of various groups. Whey were from “mild opposition” to ISIL.
Last month Syrian governmental Forces located a significant quantity of mines, toxic materials of various types of munitions, explosive devices, communications, armored vehicles, car bombs left by the IGIL members terrorist group in the eastern part of Deir ez Zor.
In addition, Syrian governmental Forces found weapons, ammunition and communications equipment of Israeli production in the provinces of Homs and Hamah. Mortars, machine guns, 800 shells and 10 thousand cartridges of various calibres were found as prizes in underground tunnels, which was built by the IGIL members.
According to commanders of the Syrian Armed Forces, such detectings confirm the direct and systematic support to ISIL from regional and transregional organisations.
If you come to the Syrian and Israeli border line and talk to people who have been observing the war in Syria from their own houses for several years, they will tell you that Israel is assisting to the Assad’s opponents in crossing the border. Even in spite of the fact that Tel Aviv denies any involvement in the Syrian conflict.
Israel is trying to support civil war in the neighboring country. Althoughit it is no wonder that both ISIL and Asad supporters hate the Jewish state equally. As a result, one enemies of Israel are killing other enemies of Israel in Syria.

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