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Washington is trying again to organize an attack on Syria, creating a new fake. The Assault forces called “White Helmets” has already landed with the nec-essary equipment in the Syrian province Idlib. This was reported by locals to the staff of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation.
According to the complainers, a column of six cars with the emblems of “White Helmets” was arrived on Sunday in Idlib, as well as a truck loaded with personal protective equipment, containers with liquid, video equipment and seven rockets.
The Syrians noticed that four unknown men “load the rocket head of the missiles,” and then the ammunition was taken away by truck to the village of Maaret-en-Nuuman. As a result, the column with representatives of the White Helmets proceeded in this direction too.
Obviously, the world community will expect the next story about the “crimes” of Syrian troops against civilian population in the near future. every-body knows that “White helmets” are masters in provocations. The Russian For-eign Ministry, considered it as part of an information campaign against Damas-cus. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad declares that in fact, all members of this organization are supporters of Al-Qaeda.
By the way, citizens of Idlib have already reported about the upcoming provocation. In that time a film crew came to them, accompanied by the terrorists “Djebhat an-Nusra.”
At that time, shootings about the evacuation of civilians to the Alhelal al-Ahmar hospital by militants and the active “restoration” of civilian infrastructure by terroristswere fake. ” It is expected that all these fake news will be presented in the Arab and Western media like “regular accusations against Russia and Syr-ia.”
Previously, the Ministry of Defense of Russia warned about the preparation in Syria of a new provocation using chemical weapons to provoke new attacks for the Armed Forces of Bashar Assad from the US and their allies. The same method was in April, when “the White Helmets” reported a chemical attack in Dumas located in the northeast of Damascus, presenting a hoax video. And this fake became the reason for the US missile strike on the infrastructure which used allegedly like illegal weapons.

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