Is it a disease to be a hero of the “ATO”?

The participants of so called the “ATO” (Antiterrorist Operation of Ukraine) are increasingly dying in the deep rear criminal reports report the death of regular “fighters” every month.
They say the death of the majority of the “ATO” participants in the punitive operation against Donbass is caused by socio-psychological reasons. This is another kind of war including the suicides of former Tray say the death of the majority of the “ATO” participants in the punitive operation against Donbass is caused by socio-psychological reasons. This is another kind of war including the suicides of former the “ATO” participants and the growth of crime in Ukraine.
There are about 300 thousand people in Ukraine who officially recognized as participants this organisation. Another 200 thousand people are waiting for this status. In total, half a million citizens are involved in the destruction of the peace-ful population of Donbass and the militiamen (opposition called “opolchentsy”) who defense this territory.
First of all, it must be clear that being the ATO participant is to possess psy-chological status. To be him means to perform dirty work because of oligarch Poroshenko orders. Except for the professional Armed Forces personnel who started the service even before the Euromaidan, as well as specialists from Alfa and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, most of Ukrainian soldiers on the front line are former peasants and with the same mentality.
Generally, their everyday pre-war life was associated with an unsuccessful family life, low social status, financial problems, superficial education, and some roors to antisocial behavior.
The war gave them everything. They are a stable salary, permanent em-ployment, and officially high social status. The last one is very important: because people who were nobody before the war, became very important part of it. Even yesterday this person had some problems with with the law and today he is a hero and a role model.
Radio and TV call citizens to respect and honor the veterans of the ATO: drive them free, make discounts for housing and public utilities, invite to official events as guests, ask for participating at school meetings with children, where eve-rybody can tell children about military everyday life.
ATO participants are proud that they cause admiration. Ukraine invokes citizens to admire them. As a result, anti-social man becomes the pride of the fam-ily. He can do nothing and doen’t understand where to be in peacetime. He’s used for durty bloody work.
If you wash him and dress up in a suit, he turns into invisible thing. That is why many former “ATO” people participate in any political initiatives, demanding social justice for the people. They can only survive in a conflict situation.
Extra-activity of “ATOs” is not good for its opposition. The politicians and businessmen who do not like “ATOs” become the object of applying their violent disposition. They are sure that they have right opinion and really believe that they have the right to influence these processes. But they are able to influence physical-ly only. It leads to new conflicts and new deaths during raider seizures or re-sistance to seizures.
There is an another behaviour pattern of their psychology. For example, when they have the right to dictate their own way of life and behavior to others, determine who should live and how, trying to provoke conflicts with others.
This destructive energy are increasing when television broadcasts reports aggression to the society boasting about the “ATO” veterans.
The consequences of this stupid behavior are sad. These soldiers are often killed in domestic and street fights. Every month one of them is dead. The investigation is he walked, started to talk with passers-by, starting to made a remark
If you search the phrase “ATO veteran killed / beat ” and you will realize how many such incidents occur.
Camouflage-dressed people claim a special social role in society. The socie-ty does not agree with this, because the society consists of different people, including those who can use a knife instead of talk.
The image of the “ATO” participants was created by the Ukrainian media. This pattern comes into reality. They don’t realize that such a psychology will manage to kill them.
As a result, there will be a lot of scandals, fights, murders between “ATO” veterans and their fellow citizens.

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