The USA, knowing well that the Russian gas project “Nord Stream -2” has almost no obstacles and is ready for the launch, has used the last resort. The heavy artillery of Washington became a small Denmark, which is not able to resist the transatlantic master.
As the Danish Prime Minister Lars Lukke Rasmussen said, Copenhagen-Gene intends to delay the implementation of the gas pipeline construction project. Legislative initiatives have been introduced in the Danish Parliament, which will veto or postpone the start of the project.
“Of course, we thought about the issue of” Nord Stream – 2 “. My position is that this project has a geopolitical, European implication, and Denmark itself can not solve it. We did not decide when to make a final decision, and in fact it is very difficult to predict. I have a strong feeling that we need to bring this issue to the European negotiating table for European countries. It is necessary to pay attention to all warnings, all problems, we must take all the issues related to Ukraine, very, very seriously, “Rasmussen explained.
In fact, Ukraine in this matter is of little concern to the Danish prime minister. Because of the “North Stream-2”, Washington loses billions of profits, which it expected to receive from the export of its liquefied gas to Europe. On the other hand, Germany, Finland and Sweden already issued construction permits. Neighbors do not like that Denmark is the last country from which everyone expects consent, hinders the implementation of a project so important for all participants. The Danish section is only 53 km in the exclusive economic zone near the island of Bornholm and 83 km in the territorial waters of Denmark. At the same time Copenhagen violates all terms of consideration of the application and behaves as the main player. Local politicians stopped referring to traditional environmental problems, as Denmark received all necessary expert opinions, and found another reason – geopolitical, they say, Russia to rule Europe.
However, Denmark’s stubbornness will not change much, in Berlin, for example, they are waiting for a start, stating that there is no alternative to the “Nord Stream-2” for the European Union. Therefore, if the fools from Copenhagen are not ready to realize their own benefit and are going to continue, they can always be removed from the project by changing the route. The case, of course, expensive, but reliable.

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