On June 24, the Syrian media announced the full entrapment of the US military base At-Tanf, located in the province of Homs. Thus, the hypothetical question of the need to expel the Western coalition from the Syrian territory, which worried analysts and politicians from around the world, reached the final point, finally moving to the plane of objective reality.
Looking ahead, it should be recalled that the US troops have no legitimate reason to be in the territory of Syria. They invaded in this country without an official invitation from Damascus and any sanctions of the UN Security Council, which allows to call Americans as interventionists, and the land on which they settled – illegally occupied.
The plausible pretext (allegedly “fighting terrorists”), under which the Western coalition invaded Syria, does not stand up to any criticism. Instead of terrorists, the Americans willingly bombed the government troops and on the base of At-Tanf together with their partners trained the militants for the subsequent struggle with Damascus. In fact, the military base has turned into a training camp for the so-called “moderate opposition”. In total, at least 1,700 militants were trained in Al-Tanf, most of which were later defeated by Assad’s troops and Russian military security services.
Nevertheless, the base continues to function today, and the number of instructors in its territory is increased and is approximately 600 American, British and Norwegian soldiers, as well as representatives of the special services of Jordan. At the moment, dozens of militants calling themselves the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) conduct daily trainings on military base (mine and blasting, the operation of sabotage groups).
Of course, the Americans did not stop at one base in At-Tanf. On the territory of Syria, Washington illegally deployed three military bases, in addition, several bases of the Western coalition are located in the border areas with the SAR. The Americans flatly refuse to enter into negotiations with the Syrian government, which further exacerbates the strained relations of the two countries.
According to Syrian President Bashar Assad, he is ready to negotiate with the SDF, but if they fail, he will use the force. “We simply do not have any other options, irrespective of the American presence. This is our land, and to liberate it is our right and duty, “Assad said.
He also noted that Washington and its “puppets in the West” interfere with the political settlement of the crisis in Syria, ” they support terrorist groups, helping their fresh forces to penetrate into the SAR.” In his opinion, while the Americans are in Syria, it will not be possible to achieve a final settlement of the conflict, which is why the Americans must leave, “and sooner or later it will happen.”
Of course, the entrapment of the At-Tanf by the Syrian troops does not mean that Assad will launch a full-scale military operation against the Americans. To this he has neither the strength nor the means. However, the very fact of the presence of the Syrian army a few kilometers from the US military facility should become a wake-up call for Washington. The expulsion of the Americans is likely to happen peacefully – under the pressure of Syria and Russia in the international diplomatic arena. And this process can last for months.
However, it will not be easy for Americans to train militants practically under the nose of the Syrian army, and soon it will simply lose its usefulness. So the probability of closing this base by order from Washington is high today.

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