Games with Turkey

The United States, which are worried about the disagreement because of Syria with one of its key allies (Turkey), try to change Ankara’s position. Washing-ton is trying to break the alliance of Turkey with Russia and Iran and, if possible, return Turkey in American Middle East policy. On June 16 an agreement about joint US-Turkish control over the zone around the city of Manbij between Secre-tary of State M. Pompeo and Turkish Foreign Minister M. Cavusoglu inured.
Syrian Kurds, who captured this zone with the help of Americans units, were forced by their curators to leave Syria, and instead of them, Turkish military patrols entered in Manbij. Washington didn’t hesitate and prefered a stronger alliance.
This is very beneficial for R. Erdogan, who is aimed at the presidential and parliamentary elections that will be on June 24. The Turkish president does not hide his preferences. After that, the US Senate voted for canceling the delivery of fifth-generation F-35 aircraft to Turkey. The reason is the refusal of the Turkish to cancel the contract for the purchase of the S-400 air defense system of Russia. However, the Turkish claim that the first deliveries of the F-35 are already ready, and the Senate decision can not cancel them.
As a result, Ankara solidarized with America and its demands to Damascus to abandon the planned offensive on the position of militants in southern Syria, and it also indicated an alertness to Iran. Then the Turkish gestures of kindness were limited. However, the US administration persuaded that it finally managed to break the relations between Ankara and its situation partners in Syria – Moscow and Te-hran. But it was just premature thoughts. Their claims to the presence in Manjige are absolutely groundless. Also, another are mistaken who consider Erdogan’s agreement on Manbiju towards Moscow as an offense. The agreement was ex-pected and won’t lead to a revision of the planned course between Russia and Tur-key.
The Kurds are disappointed . Representatives of Rozhava refuse to confirm their departure from Manbage, claiming that they are still there. And the Kurdish leader news agency “Rudaw” published an article, where it is reported about the White House’s mistakes about neglecting the less powerful but more loyal Kurds.
The agency accuses both these capitals of anti-Americanism and support of “intensive military collaboration with Russia.” It’s like Amerian principle of “trea-son.” It is even claimed that all Kurdish political forces are more “liberal and pro-Western”. Of course, it can open to question how easily Washington started ti co-operate with its main partners in Rozh: Party of the Democratic Union (PDU) (the local branch of the leftist) and authoritarian Kurdistan Workers Party (KWP). If it were not for geopolitical interests, it is difficult to imagine more mutually exclusive ideologies than those held by the KWP and the American establishment. The Kurds can realize that the Americans have used them for their goals.
However, the Kurds are right that the Turks is influened by the United States after gaining control of Manbij. Turkey has its own plan in the region which are different from Washington’s. It is not only as for Syria, but also in Iraq, Israel, the Middle East and the objective interest of Turkey in expanding economic coop-eration with Iran and Russia. Before the election, Erdogan tried not to force these preferences. After his almost guaranteed victory and the transition to the presiden-tial system of power in the country the Americans will have the opportunity to re-alize how that the East is dangerous.
Then Turkish Prime Minister B. Yildirim has already announced that after the completion of the operation in Manjica, Turkey will begin to defeat Democratic Union Party (the DUP) in Khasek, Koban and Kamyshly, intending to create a”security zone” in northern Syria.
It means that Turkey plans to take control of the territory of Rozhava. The Americans are not ready for such policy. Turkey doesn’t trade its lands,rather than abandon all that they has been won. For the US, it’s like defeating their regional course.
M. Cavusoglu expressed the same opinion, saying that the agreement on Manbiju could “become a pattern for other areas of Syria.” He said that Turkey will not refuse to purchase Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-400, despite the decision of the US Senate to stop Ankara’s participation in the production program for the F-35 fighter. Cavusoglu suggested:”We bought S-400, and let’s finished this question,” He also explained that Ankara had already transferred funds to Washington about the F-35 program, and the first delivery of aircraft should take place on June 21.
The miscalculation of the Washington strategists is that it is not so impor-tant for the Turks size of the territory they control in Syria, they just want the liq-uidation of the Kurdish and its territory there.
The possession of Manbij for them is not the goal, but a means how to ad-vance to Rozhava. They don’t need Manbij the Arabs. Thanks to effective diplo-macy, the Turks were able to seizure it peacefully.

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