“ESCAPE” from Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainian media report mass dismissal of militants who have been trained by foreign specialists.
The well-known Ukrainian propagandist Yury Butusov recently published the article “Why Do Soldiers Leave?”. He tries to understand why the militants of Ukrainian formations leave the Armed Forces.
In his article published on Zn.ua Butusov writes about undermanning in units and divisions that are on the front line.
“By the end of the division’s rotation on the front line, it is often possible to observe a company consisting of 40 people, or a battalion with 200 people keeping the front at 10-11 kilometers”.- points out the author. He notes there is another problem. “the same people on paper can be in two units. The number of detached service people in the infantry on the first line can reach up to 50% of the composi-tion of the unit.”
Perhaps, the most curious is that Butusov points to the following remarkable trend. Armed Forces personnel, who have been trained under foreign instructors with NATO standards, leave the ranks of the Armed Forces massively.
After training by American and Canadian instructors at the Yavoriv training area in Lviv oblat and after a single rotation of Armed Forces personnel, that is, as soon as it became possible to do this, up to 80% of the personnel reported on the dismissal from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The data on the graduates of the training center for special operations in Berdichev (Zhytomyr oblast) is more impressive: only 63 out of 437 of military personnel enrolled in the Ukrainian formations remained.
Trying to explain the reason for this surprising “phenomenon,” Butusov points out that to the one of the reasons for the massive outflow Soviet” is princi-ple of Explanation.
Unchangeable or interchangeability are one of the basic principles related not only to the Soviet Army but any other army. it is ensured its survival and combat capability in the conditions of combat fatality. But Butusov, whu isn’t military, may not know it.
Perhaps he can not understand that the Ukrainian military do not want to die for no reasons.
As for the outflow of trained personnel by NATO, the answer to this ques-tion is clear.
When NATO training programs for Ukrainian units start the cadets were en-couraged to study by promising that after training by Western standards, they can easily find work in foreign private military companies.
Perhaps the Ukrainian military Commanders treated this promise as a “trap” for Ukraine. But NATO seriously considers the cadets as recruits for private mili-tary companies, which are required more and more. In fact, Ukrainian militants are value of recruiters because they have high level of education, combat experience, and they can be paid, like “Third World” or Afghans or Sudanese soldiers.
The demand for Ukrainian infantry is quite high. There was information that they were evenly attracted to Latin American drug cartels. So it’s no surprise that Western instructors in training centers in Ukraine combine the training of soldiers for the Donbass and their recruitment for foreign PMCs (if so, they will also re-ceive their interest).
Ukrainian militants from Yavorov or Berdichev know where to go after they have managed to leave the Armed Forces of Ukraine . Getting to the PMC for them is a big luck. It is much more than to be the bandits or go to Poland to pick strawberries and repair some toilets.

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