The bold statement by the US President Donald Trump about the “victory over ISIS in Syria and Iraq”, made by him in December 2017, was in fact nothing more than the blank, uttered for the purpose to gladden the electorate, who is hardly aware of the events taking place in the Middle East.
And if the attempt to confer victory over the caliphate in Syria, achieved exclusively by the Syrian army with the support of Russian military, can still be explained by Trump’s hurt self-esteem, his statement about “victory” in Iraq sounds absolutely ridiculous.
Supporters of the terrorist organization in Iraq continue to act with impunity in many allegedly liberated provinces of the country, attack civilians and federal security forces, causing them significant losses. So, on March 29 of this year, “defeated” terrorists burned eleven houses in the village of Makam near the town of Havidzh. And the militants even managed to broadcast their adventures on one of their channels.
Shortly before that, the Iraqi federal police destroyed a large terrorist unit hiding in an underground tunnel in the vicinity of Havidzh, Kirkuk province.
It is very interesting that the supporters of the Islamic state began to show special activity in May-June of this year, that is, exactly six months after the American president assured the public that the terrorists in Iraq were finally defeated.
The resilience is demonstrated by terrorists through long-established and favorite methods: kidnap and execute civilians, attack military columns, attack government facilities. In other words, they behave the same way as before their “defeat”, which, apparently, Trump forgot to report to them. Just the other day – on June 23 – terrorists kidnapped six people, putting forward an ultimatum to Baghdad: if the authorities do not let the wives of terrorists, then the kidnapped people will be executed. Two days later, the security service of Iraq conducted a special operation, during which militants were detained, and the hostages were released.
However, such an outcome is an exception to the rules. Most hostages die, and militants manage to go unpunished. And this is one of the sad realities of modern Iraq. With the connivance of the authorities, who continue to cooperate with terrorists, the thugs continue to feel like masters on Iraqi soil.
According to the official of the Iraqi province of Ninewa, Nahl al-Hababi, ISIS militants appear with impunity in the liberated regions and no one arrests them. “Terrorists pay huge bribes to the authorities to clean their dossiers and they could live as innocent citizens in the territories liberated by the security forces,” al-Khababi said in an interview with Al Arabiya TV. A similar picture can be observed in other Iraqi provinces.
Peace has never came to Iraq Fifteen years after the American intervention. Iraqi voters have long lost credibility to successive pro-American provisional governments. That’s why Trump’s words about the victory over terrorists in Iraq were generally skeptical. And that is why in the parliamentary elections on May 12, 2018, the citizens of the country preferred those who oppose the US presence and strengthened the Alliance of Victory of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. Perhaps now the United States, accustomed to supporting in Iraq profitable for Washington chaos, will have to retreat. And only after that, in the opinion of the majority of Iraqis, the terrorists in the country will be defeated definitively.

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