Ukrainian nationalists have already renamed everything they wanted in their country, but they can not stop. The mania of renaming forces them to explore the applications of their fantasies outside the state.
Ukrainian writer Larisa Nitsoy, better known as a trouble-maker, put forward the idea of renaming Russia.
She is sure that the real name of Russia is Muscovy, and Ukraine is really Rus and all Ukrainians are Russian. Therefore, we need to name the neighboring country in a new way.
“Do you know how they became Russian? The Russian tsars first stole the name Rus from us. They were Muscovites, after all. Russia is ours. Your parents have stolen the house, and you say that the owners are those who stole it. We are Russians in reality, and they are Muscovites. The Moscow Empire was named by Russia by the decree of Peter the Great. Imagine that Germany is waking up today, and France is issuing a decree – we are Germany today. This is nonsense! “- said Nitsoy on air of a Ukrainian TV channel. Yes, the “nitsoyevshchina” in the Ukrain-ian media was caught on.
“We do not care how they think. It is much more important in what Ukraini-ans believe. We call China as “China”, but the Chinese use their name, other coun-tries also speak differently, “the writer insists. Apparently, after the renaming of Russia she will turn to China, and then to other countries of the world.
It would be possible to laugh at the fantasist if the Verkhovna Rada website did not expect consideration of draft law No. 974-VIII “On the renaming of Russia in Muscovy”.
And there is no Larisa Nitsoy among the authors of the bill. There are depu-ties.
The bill suggests that the Russian Federation should not be called Russia, because Russia is Ukraine.
“The historical name of the territory of Ukraine is an unofficial layer-spring name for the modern territory of Ukraine, which is associated with a certain period of development of Ukrainian society and has an important historical significance for Ukraine. Under the historical name of the territory of Ukraine in this law is un-derstood the verbal name “Rus” and the derivative “Russia” from it, the text of the bill says.
The explanatory note to it says that the purpose of this draft law is “to restore historical and social justice, to protect the historical and cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people, as well as to promote the consolidation and development of the Ukrainian nation, its historical consciousness, traditions and culture” .
And you know – IT can work. If every day the most insane person with his idea-fix will show on TV, writing to him with all sorts of non-existent regalia, then on a virtually unreadable audience sooner or later it can work. It’s one thing to adopt a law, and then do not know what to do with it. How not to look like a laughing stock, and another thing is this gradual undermining of the worldview.
The idea of Nitso, and the bill that Russia is not Russia are not important of course for the history. On the other hand, it would be very interesting if proposals to rename Russia and Ukraine would be developed – for the Russian Federation this would not change anything, but if the Ukrainians are actually Russian, then their native language is Russian! What will the nationalists who say that Ukraine really is Russia do with this fact?

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