«Whatever floats your goal»

When most of the citizens live below the official poverty line, the Ukrainian authorities came up with a new priority. The Verkhovna Rada Committee of Ukraine supported the proposal to rename the Dnepropetrovsk and Kirovograd re-gions in terms of the decommunization campaign.
“The Committee for State Construction, Regional Policy and Local Self-Administration of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported the proposal to re-name the Dnipropetrovsk Region to Sicheslavskaya and Kirovograd to Kropivnit-skaya,” the press service of the Ukrainian National Memory Institute said. Now this issue will be considered at the Ukrainian parliament session. According to the director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory Vladimir Vyatrovich,when the matter will be resolved successfully, decommunization in the context of re-naming will be completed by 100%.
In May 2015, Ukraine adopted a law “On the condemnation of the commu-nist and national socialist totalitarian regimes.” The Institute of National Memory published a list of 520 historical personalities whose names should disappear from geographical names. It is true that when renaming settlements were, the opinion of local people was often not taken into account. And in 2016 2389 monuments in Ukraine were dismantled, 32 cities and 955 other settlements, as well as 52 thou-sand streets that bore the names of Party and state figures of the USSR times t were renamed. Then the Dnepropetrovsk city became the Dnieper, and Kirovograd became Kropivnitsky, although the regions retained their former names
It is clear that for people of Ukraine such actions of Kiev look absurd.
Instead of caring about the well-being of people and country, the authorities are engaged in unnecessary politicized issues. However, in practice, the initiative of local politicians is not so silly. If it isn’t cheap to rename a street, so when you change the name of the region you can earn enough money. And so called Poroshenko’s anti-corruption court will not interfere.

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