The Eastern European allies of the United States arm terrorists in Syria and Iraq

According to the report of the British organization Conflict Armament Research (CAR), for a long time, the United States and its Eastern European allies supplied large amounts of weapons to the Islamic state militants. This is evidenced by the results of the investigation conducted by the organization.
The CAR special report states: 97% of weapons and 87% of ammunition are delivered to the Islamists in Syria and Iraq by the former countries of the Warsaw Pact through the United States and Saudi Arabia in violation of international norms.
Sometimes the weapons were in the hands of terrorists two months after it was shipped from the arms factories in Europe. Employees of the organization recorded numerous cases, when terrorists wiped the factory marking and repackaged the “trunks” to hide the country of origin.
The main Eastern European arms suppliers for ISIS are Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. A few behind are the Czech Republic and Poland. Almost 40% of weapons were produced in 1980-1989, 30% – in 2000-2009.
This means that Eastern Europe (the former members of the Warsaw Pact) continues to issue Soviet-style weapons, supplying it to opponents of Russia. For example, 32% of the weapons of terrorists in Iraq were of Romanian origin and only 18% were Russian. The report’s authors state that terrorists seize Russian weapons from government forces, while weapons from Eastern Europe are targeted directly to Islamists.
In addition, components for the manufacture of explosives and chemical weapons are supplied through Turkey, and the German arms concern Rheinmetall opened an armory factory in Saudi Arabia.

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