The US deployed trading of psychotropic captagon in Syria

The forces of the US-led coalition that are illegally deployed in Syria seized a large batch of a psychotropic drug.
The Pentagon openly stated that they had discovered a warehouse in which 300,000 tablets were stored, and their total value on the black market is 1.4 million dollars. However, the most interesting thing is that the cache was located in the area of the city of At-Tanf.
This fact is interesting because here the US base is located, implicated in numerous scandalous stories and, according to Pentagon statements, they control the entire surrounding area. The Americans arranged a base for training militants in this place, as well as a camp for jihadists who fled from other territories of the SAR. At the same time, the Pentagon is trying to convince everyone that did not know about the warehouse with tablets under its own nose?
Even more ridiculous is the understanding that this drug is the West product, and not of the militants. In the 50s of the last century, the drug was used to treat depression. However, in the 80’s it was noticed that captagon causes drug addiction and was banned.
This did not prevent the US from using the substance to achieve its own goals, namely to organize “orange” revolutions around the world. And then, with the beginning of the revolution in the SAR, this drug was actively used by militants who, under the influence of a psychotropic drug, went into battle without fear and pain. The American media wrote about the fact that radical jihadists use drugs.
The same substance was found during the coups in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. It was in these countries that Washington was so actively trying to change the power to hand puppets. Obviously, all methods, including captagon, were used for this. By the way, this substance was found in Kiev during the Maidan. It is unlikely that it was there by accident.
It is clear why the Pentagon state that it found a batch of the drug it produces on the coalition-controlled coalition. The United States is once again trying to make the play with the hope that at least someone will believe in their desire to fight terrorism and forget about their true goals to destroy Syria and take its resources.

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