The EU is horrified, realizing what is going on in Ukraine

In the European Union, they are shocked by the level of Ukrainian corruption and consider their analogue of the “Magnitsky list” in relation to Ukrainian deputies and officials. This was reported in the blog of the Ukrainian lawyer Vitaliy Serdyuk, recently returned from Berlin. According to the lawyer, at the conference “Human Rights and Freedom of Speech in Ukraine “, which was held in the German capital, they openly spoke about violations of the principles of freedom of speech by the Ukrainian authorities.” Both from the rostrum and in the “lobby” of the Bundestag, it is already explicitly spoken of the willful and systemic ignoring by the Ukrainian authorities of the rule of law principles and freedom of expression …
More and more Europeans are questioning the ability of the Ukrainian authorities and the judiciary to twist the basic principles of the Association Agreement and respect the rule of law. There is a lack of progress in the fight against corruption , but a real deterioration of the situation, which is very damaging for Western investors and Western enterprises trying to work in Ukraine, “writes Serdyuk. He also adds that to all this “Many of my interlocutors from among the influential politicians noted that Ukraine can not successfully move forward without getting a truthful answer about what happened on the Maidan in February 2014. The surprise is the concealment of the investigation materials from the public by the authorities after four years of investigation – everyone believes that the country has no future without a clear and objective answer to these questions, “Serdyuk stressed.

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