Mattis: US withdrawal from Syria will be a “strategic mistake”

At NATO headquarters, US Secretary of Defense James Mattis spoke about the idea of withdrawing American troops from Syria. This is a “strategic mistake” – he said.
US President Donald Trump continued to talk about the withdrawal of US troops from Syria. But his defense minister, James Mattis, does not believe this. He sais that his soldiers will stay there. The fact that they work with very dubious militiamen does not seem to bother him.
“Leaving Syria before the Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura successfully promotes the Geneva political process, which we all signed in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution, will be a strategic mistake that undermines our diplomats and allows terrorists to” recover “, says Mattis to the representatives of NATO.
The American politician believes that not only terrorists will be strengthened as a result of the US withdrawal, but also (legitimate!) government of President Assad can use this to regain control of other parts of his country. This is typical of a situation where Americans can not admit defeat. Therefore, they stay there and continue to act, as before.

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