Approximation of the Football World Cup pushes Kiev on provocations like the resurrection of Babchenko and the introduction of various kinds of prohibitions.
Almost half a year, Kiev guaranteed that it would not allow the broadcast of the 2018 World Cup, but it became known that the Inter Media Group, which includes the INTER television channel, bought from the Public Television the right to broadcast the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the Ukrainian fans who did not attend the matches , will still be able to watch the World Cup.
The attempts of the Ukrainian leadership at the level of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Sport, Youth and Tourism and the head of the Border Guard Service to frighten the fans with a trip to Russia have broken down. It is known that more than five thousand citizens of Ukraine have officially bought tickets, and Russian friends bought tickets for a couple of thousand more.
Now some Ukrainian sports commentators showed their patriotism. As the media reported, commentator Denis Bosianok, receiving an offer from the INTER channel on cooperation for the championship, categorically rejected it. “I would rather go to close the Inter Channel, than to work there. I do not understand how the channel can work with the anti-Ukrainian position at such a time, “the commentator said.
Earlier Bosianok said: “I do not think that the trip there makes sense. They are at war with us. And after that we should go to the country that already killed so many of our soldiers, and pretend that everything is the same as before? They are not a friendly country for us. I can not imagine how you can go there – and this despite the fact that I was born there! I find it difficult to imagine a normal job there. And the most difficult thing is to come to terms with the fact that you have to turn a blind eye to everything that they have done. This is an absolutely unacceptable thing – from a human point of view, and from a professional point of view. In addition, there are no guarantees of security. You will be arrested there only because you are talking Ukrainian. ”
It is worth recalling that among the Ukrainian commentators there is also the People’s Deputy Igor Miroshnichechno, who did not only destroyed monuments personally, but, breaking into the editorial office of the National Television and Radio Company of NTU, and kicked the editor.
On June 1, the National Bank of Ukraine informed the banks, Ukrposhta and non-bank financial institutions in telegram No. 50-0007 / 29807 on the prohibition to accept another Russian denomination of 100 rubles issued for the World Cup in Russia and a coin of 3 rubles for crediting and exchanging.
A banknote of 100 rubles, issued a week ago and dedicated to the world football python FIFA, was banned, “because on its reverse side in the form of a ball, the territory of the Russian Federation along with the occupied Crimea is depicted in green.” A commemorative coin of 3 rubles, put into circulation on March 15, 2018, is banned, “since it is dedicated to the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Simferopol – also on the territory of the Crimean peninsula.” Recall that in October 2017, the NBU banned transactions with banknotes of 100 rubles and 200 rubles and 10 Russian rubles.
And the Ukrainian media have exploded with indignation over the fact that the Russians “steal their football history”. The reason for this was the posters with the former players of Dynamo Kiev Evgeny Rudakov (1960-1970) and Igor Belanov (mid-1980s) and the inscription: “Football Russia” at Moscow’s Shere-metyevo airport. They say that Russia does not dare to rank players who played for the USSR national team and sports clubs of the Ukrainian SSR to Russian football! At the same time, the present-day Kiev has already been renounced many times from the USSR and the Ukrainian SSR.

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